Best Free EaseUS Data Recovery Software for Windows

Best Free EaseUS Data Recovery Software for Windows

Here’s I will show you, the best data recovery software tools that help out by resorting the deleted files from your computer. You should be view as to what’s the need of one more? Well-made no hesitation the before talk about tools did what they declare to do but you know, there’s always an extent for improvement.

With the same thought in brains, I would like to introduce you to yet one more file recovery application for Windows, EaseUS File Recovery Software.

EaseUS File Recovery is intelligent software that helps out to recover deleted files due to software stop working, system or spoiled hard drive, virus attack or a hidden panel on your computer. Let’s check out how to use this helpfulness and the features that facilitate it stand out.

Amazing Features

Here are some excellent features of this tool.

Free file repair service

Not only EaseUS get well you accidentally delete files but also helps you in fixing them if some of the data were spoiled in the recovery route.

Recover files from EXT2 and EXT3 partitions as well

The EXT2 and EXT3 are the various customarily used data method in Linux/UNIX operating systems. While EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is engineered to execute on Windows operating systems, it can recover files from EXT2 and EXT3 panel too, other than the conventional FAT and NTFS.

Maintain file tree structure

EaseUS recovery wizard can retrieve data from arrangement division besides with unique file names and storage paths.

Free tech support

EaseUS is not part if you are working on open or best license. They give free technical support to all their users to help them with any question regarding recovery.

How to Recover Deleted Files with EaseUS Data Recovery

Best Free EaseUS Data Recovery Software for Windows

Download and install EaseUS data recovery software free version on your computer. Once the program is expertly established and runs by desktop icon, you will show the “EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.”

The software will give you three alternatives choices to start the recovery. In this tutorial, we will see how to restore individual files using Deleted File Recovery option.

Now, if you consider the file type you can make process your search by mentioning it. If you don’t, calm down it doesn’t go that big a diversity.

After you just click on next to the high window, you will be asked over to select the panel to check for. Press then select on next once you have entire your option.

The software will now scan your storage drive. The look at the process is unexpectedly fast as compared to other products in its rank.

Within no time they establish files are displayed as a list. For each mortal record, you can see its name, size, file type, adjustment time, making time, last right of entry date, quality and condition. Select the file you want to recover and go to next step.

Select the Route where you want to restore the file.

Note: It’s not suggested to save the recovered file to the same drive because these decrease the chance of a successful recovery.


I’m used lots of recovery software turn over, and as far as my estimation goes, EaseUS is one of the best I have increasingly achieved my hand on.  The free account of the program is excellent, but it moves toward with a recovery limit of 1 GB. You can utilize it till the deadline for free, and if the tool impresses you in its trial period, you may buy it from their official page. That’s it.

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