E-commerce Conferences Are The Talk of The Town, Should You Attend Them ?


Even the pioneer of the eCommerce industry, Jeff Bezos, would not have been able to speculate that the eCommerce would garner such a prestigious starter in 2021. Numerous eCommerce ventures have expanded their reach globally, and with several promising startups emerging, the industry seems to be in safe hands.

There are countless reasons why eCommerce is as big as it is today, but convenience, quality, and reliability tops all of them. As the eCommerce trend is picking pace, numerous brands are adjusting their approach accordingly.

If you are among the businesses or in case you are aiming to join the industry, then you must have heard about eCommerce conferences. You might have even considered attending any renowned one.

If you have already attended any prestigious one like Shoptalk review or Shopify review, then you must know how beneficial they are. However, if you haven’t and are still deciding whether or not to attend one, then the mentioned information would help you finalize your pick.

Why Should You Attend an eCommerce Conference

Benefit 1: You get the Opportunity to Learn from Market Experts

The first and most obvious advantage of attending an eCommerce seminar is the opportunity to learn from industry experts. Meeting the industry leaders offers an abundance of benefits, and there is always something you can learn from them.

Be it pitching skills, market knowledge, or upcoming trend speculations; there is an abundance of expertise catered right in front of you. Keep in mind that since it is a conference, you might not get to meet every person you wish. So prepare in advance, and decide with whom you want to have a personal interaction.

Benefit 2: Optimal Connection Prospects

An eCommerce conference gathers the best of the best, and you get ample opportunity to establish a relationship with them. When attending an esteemed seminar, you can be sure that skilled people from around the globe would be there.

You can avail vendors, investors, customers, and even partners to help boost your business. Try to have small but meaningful interactions and identify the ones most suitable for your needs.

Benefit 3: A Wide Range of Choice

The best thing about such events is that you can opt for the one that suits your needs the best. Numerous seminars are held every year, and you have the choice to pick the ones offering the ideal opportunities in your niche.

The sheer number of conferences held annually could be daunting, so prioritize attending the ones that are relevant to your venture.

Benefit 4: They Aren’t All That Expensive

You always have to pay the price to gain something, especially in the field of business. However, it doesn’t mean that you need to empty your pockets in the process. 

You can attend some without any subscription fee, but you might be charged a hefty amount for some. Therefore, once again, you need to prioritize the ones that are most relevant to your requirements.

Benefit 5: Easy Meeting Setups

If you have met someone who seems to be genuinely interested in your idea, then you can go ahead and conveniently set up a follow-up meeting with them. With a considerable amount of personnel attending the seminar, you are bound to establish a handful of beneficial connections.

Setting up such meetings outside the seminar can burn a hole in your pocket, and the follow-ups can cost you even more. Imagine meeting individual investors all over the country, and then attending the follow-up meeting again. An eCommerce seminar can eradicate these hurdles and simplify the process altogether.

In the current day and age, every industry is evolving at a rapid pace, and eCommerce is among the most quickly-changing ones. There is always some advancement or shift you need to catch up to, and attending the conference can help you learn the same.

To prosper in the industry, you need to cope with the latest trends and technologies. The conference can help you grasp the same, and even better, you can experience firsthand the experts speculate the upcoming market shifts.

Benefit 7: Get the Desired Motivation

There are many direct advantages of attending a seminar, but the abstract ones are just as vital. After meeting the industry leaders themselves, you are bound to feel pumped up and motivated to excel.

Moreover, you can get the needed dose of innovation, and might even stumble on the next big thing. If you are looking to hire some esteemed employees, then you can fulfill the same as well. 

How to Make the Checklist to Determine the Conference’s Worth

If you are pondering on whether or not you should attend a seminar, then try building up a quick checklist. Try incorporating the given bullet points to foolproof your list:

  1. Assess whether you can score one significant sale in terms of CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost?)
  2. If the conference turned out to be beneficial, would you still attend it every year?
  3. Is the seminar the ideal place for you, now and in the future?
  4. Is this your niche and community?
  5. Will there be merchants, vendors, companies, investors, and agencies, etc. who can be converted into a partner? (Even one party would be adequate.)

In case you tick all the fields, then you should attend the conference. Ticking fours is still a good sign, but when you have ticked only three, then you should first weigh the other alternatives, and only then judge the conference.

To Wrap Up

eCommerce is among the most rapidly evolving industry, and any venture looking to join the league should first analyze the field. Attending an eCommerce conference is assured to benefit your goal, as several market experts and professionals join the event.

If you are confused about attending the conference, then going through the content will help you make the decision. Always ensure to prepare a checklist beforehand to assess whether the seminar is worth joining.

If you have decided to attend one, then make the necessary preparations and ensure to make the best out of it.

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