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In this 21st Century, finding a legitimate, High Paying Adsense Alternative is not an easy task. Because the majority networks pay very less amount of money, unless a website has a very high traffic from the US, or UK.  But it is a very rare case, so that’s why majority webmasters are struggling to find best advertising network for their websites. So, today, I decided to share an Advertising company called Dynamic Oxygen. It is not a very well known company, but still has decent services for both publishers and advertisers. I used it on an event blog for some period of time and found it is not that bad. So, I decided to review.

What is Dynamic Oxygen?

It is an Innovative Advertising network that allows Publishers to Monetize their websites with various innovative ads.Dynamic Oxygen is in Operation Since 2007 and are affiliated with Exit Junction. They are not a big company or I can say, not a have a very huge number of permanent users, but still has a decent base of publishers and advertisers and still growing in numbers.

How Dynamic Oxygen Works?

They Operate with a Tool, which tells them, what users are searching on Search Engine, and then based on it, Relevant ads are shown on your website. So, it is a simple, but advanced technology they are using to provide the best results. You will never ever complain about their system. Because they superb arena to check your stats.

Type of Advertisements:-

  1. Anchor
  2. Cursor
  3. Floating
  4. Interstitial
  5. Layer
  6. Message
  7. Sky
  8. Pop-up
  9. Pop-Under

So, these are the options, when you look for ad variety on this network. You can use any one of them according to your need.

How to Sign Up For Dynamic oxygen?

The Sign Up Process is very Simple as you just need to fill a simple form with the correct details and then you have to validate your email address by clicking as confirmation link send to your email. After email confirmation, your application will be submitted for Reviewing. They will take one or Two Business Days to Review your Application and then after approval you can start earning money by placing advertisements on your site.

Note:- Dynamic Oxygen doesn’t have any Minimum traffic requirements for account approval, but your website must have unique content and an active Privacy Policy in place on your website.

Positives About Dynamic Oxygen?

1. No Minimum Traffic Requirements so account approval is easy and fast as they accept websites from all countries.

2. Wide Range of ads and easy Customization Features.

3.Good eCPM Rates.

4. Can Be Used in Conjunction with Adsense.

Negatives About Dynamic Oxygen?

1. Publishers can Only Earn from Search Engine traffic as they show Relevant advertisements only to Search Engine Traffic.

2. Pop-up and Pop-under adverts cannot be used on the website already Running Adsense Ads.

Dynamic Oxygen Payment?

They Pays on NET45 Basis via PayPal, Cheque and Wire Transfer. The Minimum Payment Threshold is $50. It means, if you reach minimum amount at the end of September, then you have to wait till 15th November to get your payment and also, if you choose Cheque, then it might take 15-20 more days according to your address.

Adsense -vs- Dynamic Oxygen

Dynamic Oxygen has a wide variety of advertisements and have decent eCPM rates, but still it can’t be considered as one of the best  Adsense alternatives. But it can used with Adsense as its Most adverts are compatible with Adsense ads, So.it can be used as the Supplementary Income Source.

So, that’s it for today, Now, it’s your turn to give your views about this advertising network.

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