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DU Speed Booster Accelerator

In this modern era, mobiles play an important role in everyone’s life, but there are many problems, which you will face while using smartphones, specially Android mobiles with less ram and storage. They always run slow due to less memory available and the battery gets soaked up very early due to unwanted apps running in the background and many other problems.

So, what you will do to solve these problems?

Well, many will download different applications to solve these Problems. An app to close unwanted applications, an app to boost speed, an app for the security. But wait! Is it a good idea to download this many apps? They will boost up your smartphone? Really?

No! Never! So, what is the perfect solution of these problems?

Well, what if I told you that, only single application can do all jobs for you. Yeah! You heard it right. I am talking about DU Speed Booster. It is one the well known application which is used for multipurpose. Want to know, the features of this App? .Here we go.

 DU Speed Booster Features

#1 Optimize and Boost Speed by 60%

If you feed up with your phone running too slow, then this DU Speed Booster will make it 60% faster after optimization. It is one click optimization, just one touch and you are done.  Isn’t it cool? Yeah! It is. But wait! There are many more features.

DU Speed Booster Accelerator

#2 More Control over Apps Installation with Advanced App Manager

With this tool in your phone, you will have full control over the applications, you install or remove. It will be the easiest task for, you , as this app contains intelligent app installation or removal feature. Also, you will be able to manage apps memory and will have the option to transfer files and apps from phone memory to SD card. It will boost up your phone like amazing.

Advanced App Manager

#3 Kill Unwanted Tasks and Stubborn Apps with SPEED+ Engine

These are many applications or tasks which keep on running in the background, even after being stopped. They keep on eating ram and memory to slow down your phone. It is one of the major problems behind phone gets hanged. Use SPEED+ Engine to help you force them to stop. All these Stubborn Apps and other background task can be terminated easily with single click. You can also freeze or disable unwanted applications to boost memory and speed.

speed+ engine

Speed Accelerator

#4 Improved Games Performance with Game Booster

For all those who love playing games on their mobile phones, this application can be a blessing. Because it has a feature to auto-recognize games or you can also manually select your favorite games to play it the smoother way by boosting FPS. Yeah! Amazing Feature.

Game Booster

#5 Get More Free Space with Trash Cleaner

If you are running out memory, then download DU Speed Booster, and use the Trash Cleaner feature. It will free up a lot of memory as it cleans all the unwanted or Useless files including phone’s cache. All just in single click.

Trash cleaner

#6 Check Network Speed and Compare It with Other Countries

Guess what? You can even check your Carrier network speed (both downloading and uploading) and then compare it with the people living in other countries. There will be Speed Map available where you will see the speed according to countries. And all the data updated after every 2 weeks, making it a superb feature.

Speed Test

#7 High Security with Antivirus and Permission Manager

This application has one of the best Antivirus Protection which will keep your phone away from viruses. And the Permission Manager will allow you to select or overview the permission requested by all the applications installed on your android phone.

Security with du speed booster

#8 DU Speed Booster Supports 17 Languages

It is unbelievable to hear that, this application supports 17 different languages like English, Arabic, and French. A full list is given below.

English, Indonesian, Portuguese(Brazil), Spanish, Vietnamese, Portuguese(Portugal), Arabic, Russian, French, German, Italian, Korean, Turkish, Japanese, Chinese(Traditional), Chinese(Simplified), and Thai

So, Download This DU Speed Booster Now!

Now, what you are waiting for? You will never get any application with these many features. It will solve all your problems and will make your android phone Super Fast. So, Download DU Speed Booster Now!. Cheers.

  1. Thanks for the suggestive post. I’m having Samsung galaxy Grand and I would surely try this app to make my phone run a little faster. Who else won’t love to do it. Thanks again

  2. Hey
    Awesome post to speed up and handle Du speed up app. i recently purchased asus zenfone 2 so i don’t think i want this app but i’ll be use it in my phone.

    Thanks buddy 🙂

  3. Is this really works ? Actually same issue like Priya Singh is here . I am suing Samsung Galaxy Grand sometimes it takes too much loading time for opening and closing an app .

    But Thanks I will Try “DU Speed Booster” i hope it might be helpful .

  4. Thanks for Suggesting this Amazing App Atinder. Actually I am facing some problem and Hanging issue in my mobile now I am going to try this App in my mobile .
    Thanks a a lot !

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