Drupal -vs- Joomla : CMS Comparison

What is Drupal ?

Drupal is one of the Oldest and Popular Content Management System since 2001. It has Powerful Features with Flexibility but it can Become little difficult to use Drupal in the Beginning. Drupal has Over 15 Million Downloads So we can say that it is very Popular.

What is Joomla ?

Joomla is also a Well Known Content Management System which has Good Features. In the Past they has their share of Problems but with Time they have Developed Great Support system and Powerful features. They have over 50 Million Downloads.

Selecting one from these Two CMS Software’s Can be Difficult so we Making it Little Simpler for Everyone by Making a Comparison Chart by Comparing Every Feature of these Platforms. So let’s Get Started and take a close look on every feature.

Comparison : Drupal -vs- Joomla

#1 Cost

Both Joomla and Drupal are Free Content Management System Software’s.

#2 Themes

Professional Looking Themes are must for every Website or Blog. So Joomla Provides just over 900 Free themes which are not enough .
On the Other Side Drupal Provides Above 1800+ Free Themes. So Drupal has Double Number of Themes than Joomla.

#3 Easy Installation

Installation could be crucial Because whenever New User installs any of the CMS Software, that time he or she doesn’t have any knowledge about it. So Any Difficulty in Installing can Make them Quitting the Installation of that Software.
Both Drupal and Joomla Takes 10 Minutes to Install and have One click Installation facility.

#4 plugins

Plugins are Very Important When it Comes to Provide Every Website an Extra Touch. Plugin gives Websites a Professional Look.
Joomla have over 7000+ Plugins for their Users where on the Other Side Drupal have 24000+ Plugins. So Joomla is Way Behind Drupal in Providing Plugins.

#5 Ease-of-usage

The Drupal CMS Software is easier to Use than Joomla especially for Novice Users.

#6 Usage for Different Methods

Joomla is Mainly Used Popularity to Create Social Networking Sites or Sites that have Quite Similar Working to Social Sites But Drupal can be Used for Every Type of Website Including Blogs, Business , Personal , etc.

Positives About Drupal:-

1. Provides Great Support System
2. Powerful Features or their Users

Negatives About Drupal:-

1. Difficult to Learn how to Use.
2. Little Amount of Themes and Plugins.

Positives About Joomla:-

1. Perfect Technical Support.

Negatives About Joomla:-

1. Difficult to Use and Also Themes, Plugins are not that Relevant that are Needed to Create Perfect Sites.


In the End We Just Wanna say that you Can Choose one from these CMS But Only if you have Decent Knowledge About CMS. If you have some technical Knowledge then you can Select Either Drupal or Joomla.
But if you don’t have any Experience then You can Go Blindly with WordPress as it is Best and Very Popular. Read Our WordPress Comparisons to understand it Better.

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If you need any help regarding Content Management system, then, you ask via comments.

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