5 Factors to Double Your Google AdSense Earnings in 5 Minutes {Infographic}

Google Adsense

Google Adsense

Hello Guy, Google Adsense is just like a Laxmi (Goddess of Money)Β  for Indian Adsense Publishers. Google adsense is best PPC network in all over word , it pays very good CPC ( Cost Per click) so, every one wants to get approval of adsense account to earn money .

So, guys Getting approval on Google Adsense account is not guarantee that you will sure earn from your blog . Google adsense works on many factors ,they never pay on traffic they pays only on click .

Below I am sharing a Infographic Guide with Detailed explanation in image to increase or Double your Google Adsense Earnings in only 5 Minutes .


Double Adsense Earnings


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What it takes to Make Money with Google Adsense ?

S, it was a infographic here mostly all factor and all tips and tricks are written to double your Adsense Earning within 5 Minutes, If you feel this is helpful for you and need to tell your friend then Share it with your friend and if I left any Point and which is most important then you can tell us by Dropping your comment below. πŸ™‚

  1. Great share man !! Loved it totally
    It there something like that different ad sizes would provide you greater CPC or it all depends on the keywords

  2. Hey Siddharth.

    Ads placement is really important factor and we must place ads on most visible places.

  3. Hello Sanu, Thanks for your great tutorial. To be honest as a newcomer Blogger i like to get Adsense for my blog. But, i don’t know how to apply. Have you any tutorial for Adsense Application? How can i understand that i need to apply now. I mean, before apply what’s need on my Blog? Would you please love to share


  4. Hi Sanu,
    A very good post for doing double Adsense earning. By these points really a blogger can earn more from his his google adsense.
    Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  5. Nice tips from infographics! Though am yet to be approved into the service (Adsense); am still working on that anyways. Thanks for sharing.. πŸ˜€

  6. Adsense is a prime source of revenue for many bloggers and so you can’t afford to ignore the importance of Adsense optimization. When we talk about Adsense optimization, there are many things but the main target is to get high eCPM and get more Cost per click. Else, despite of good Adsense CTR, you might not be making good money.

    The best Adsense optimization practice is to try placing the ads in different places and test how it works. Always keep trying something new. Keep analyzing the progress and then fix up a place for Adsense. Experimenting can really pay you high dividends.

    Nice infographic πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing !

  7. Please help me to get good earn with Google Adsense. Please help to send all adds from Google Adsense at my Blog which will be view by viewers as their desire.

    Please inform me at next mail for the above said matters.
    Shibaji Mitra

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