Differences Between Startups And MNC in (Pictures)

Differences Between Startups And MNC in (Pictures)

Now these days Startup is very trendy and hot everywhere in the world . Actually Now people are thinking getting a gob is Better then create a Job . I also agree with this Thought because in MNC’s they need your degrees, but in Startup you need only Skill. If you have good skill and you can do that work, then I am sure you will surely achieve success


SO today this Article shows you the Difference between Startup and MNC in few Images. And these Images are designed by WittyFeed, really awesome work to give a difference in Pictures.

Differences Between Startups & MNC




Way of Discussion for any ideas in MNC and Startup is completely Different .


You have to Wake up At 5 AM in MNC for go on work daily , But there is no time table for a Entrepreneur .



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So this was Little collection for show difference between Startup and MNC.  Actually, in Startup you are Boss of your business, everyone lives like friends . They DO lot of Hard work and Smartwork for their Startup venture and no time for getting up no time for sleep, No time for trimming hairs and all that so completely busy life and No time for nonsense works.  If you have any idea or want to discuss with us or Confused to decide Startup or MNC company then drop your comment below .

  1. Loved the pictorial comparison. Thanks so much for the detailed difference in the culture.

  2. I love the entrepreneur route because it gives you more room to be creative and really learn from experience. Being a worker, you get a degree and only specialize in a certain skill, never really fully developing yourself unless you take the initiative to. As an entreprenuer, personal development in many areas of your life is a by-product, because you dont just specialize in a one area but many. Start ups and tough, but with enough motivation and willingness to learn and fail and learn, you will be successful.

  3. Hi Sanu,
    What is the full meaning of MNC? The post did not seem to mention this in anywhere. I may not be the only person that gets confused with that.
    I assume MNC will mean 9-5 job, right?
    Please expatiate!
    I left the above comment in kingged.com as well.

  4. The picture tells everything. The differences between startups and MNC gave me the idea how an entrepreneur lives his life, manage his time and communicated with his team or fellow entrepreneurs.

    These are two different kinds of people. Some wants to be who and what they are, they want to use their skills rather than their degree.

    I know how important the degree of education is, however, without skills it wouldn’t be that effective.

    All in all, awesome post!

  5. Really Awesome Share Siddharth 🙂
    Actually According to me Startup is better then MNC because there is complete Freedom to do anything as your style .

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