CPX Interactive Review – A Possible Adsense Alternative

In this modern age, many advertising companies claim that, their network is one of the best Adsense alternatives, but in reality, it is not. There are only a few who can meet your requirements, who can give you a decent CPC OR CPM. And that’s why people are struggling. But you will not from now onwards, because Today I am sharing a decent ad company called CPX Interactive. I will explain more about this company in the next introduction paragraph.

What is CPX Interactive?

It is a Largest CPM advertising Network is having 120 Billion impressions in More than 60 countries. It is one of the best in this business when it comes to CPM rates. They also allow third party ad networks to work with and earn More. This company also has a huge trust among publishers and Advertisers.

How CPX Interactive works?

They work with CPM, which means you get paid per 1000 impressions and you will have the options to choose from a large number of ad units available. But you can only place a single advertisement on a single page. Still, you can earn a good amount, if you have good traffic from any country. You can also use other advertising companies to increase your earnings.

Type of Advertisements:-

CPX Interactive has a wide Range of Ad Formats:-

  1. Banners
  2. Skyscrapers
  3. Leaderboard
  4. Cube
  5. Video Cube
  6. Pop-up
  7. Pop-under
  8. Rectangle
  9. Video Pop-up

CPX Interactive Review


  1. Lots of Ad units to choose from.
  2. Relatively High CPM Rates.
  3. Can be used in conjunction with Adsense.


  1. Publishers have to give 40% of Revenue share to this company.
  2. Pop-up and Pop-under advertisements can’t be used on websites using Adsense as it is against Google Adsense policy.

Minimum Requirements to Sign Up:-

  1. Minimum 30,000 unique visitors per month.
  2. No illegal or questionable content.
  3. Active privacy policy must comply with CPX Interactive.

How to Sign Up?

This is a very simple process as you just need to fill a simple form. They will ask some information regarding the application. Fill that info with correct details.

  • Site Information
  • Affiliate Information

After filling a form and submitting an application, you have to wait for a Few Days until they Review your application. Remember They approves websites very carefully, so only apply if your website fulfills minimum requirements for approval.

CPX interactive Payment?

They pay on NET45 Basis and the Mode of payment available are:-

  • PayPal ( Minimum $100)
  • Cheque (Minimum $100)

CPX interactive -vs- Google Adsense

CPX Interactive is a Relatively Average Adsense Alternative as it Provides a wide variety of advertisements and good CPM Rates. But still your income will be lower than Adsense with the same amount of traffic. This Network also can be used with Adsense as Supplementary Income Source, but make sure you customize the ad units and they don’t look like Adsense ads. If you do so, you will have perfect earning with your website.

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So, that’s it. Now, it’s your turn to give your views via comments.

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