Counselling/ Therapy for students dealing with exam stress and tension

Counselling/ Therapy for students dealing with exam stress and tension

One of growing problem which needs immediate attention is students being more stressed than ever. It seems very common that every student puts himself under a lot of stress and tension while preparing for their academic exams. Studies show that India has one of the highest rates of suicides among people aged between 15 and 29. Playing with one’s own life and putting it at risk is something which is obviously not acceptable. It is very important for students to understand the need to value their own life. Below are some simple ways to deal with exam stress and tension.


Getting a total of 8 hours of sleep is the first and most important think to be taken care by students during their exam days. Students tend to study late night or early morning and even do not sleep during the day to complete sleeping hours to relief body and mind. This creates a lot of stress on the mind and body which can ultimately lead to bad performance in the exam next day. It’s always advisable to sleep full in exam days, specially a night before exam.


It is already a well known fact by a lot of students that listening to songs relieves stress to a great extend. Music can make one’s mind and mood fresh. It even helps one learn better and increases memorization capabilities in students.


Students have a tendency to feel jealous about their counterparts in school or college. They think that they won’t be able to perform better than their classmates. This creates a very negative impact on the human brain. One should always be well prepared for their exams and stay positive.


Generally, students think that tea or coffee is something that helps them gain attention and stay awake during exam preparation nights. But, in a quite opposite sense, the caffeine can reduce clear thinking of the mind. Instead, it is advised to follow a proper diet and add fruits and green vegetables in the diet.


If not prepared well, students try to mug up everything in hurry. This puzzles up the brain even more and leads to stress. Students should learn to relax and keep their mind cool few hours before the exam.


At the time of appearing in exams, one should go slow and read all the questions and try to answer them patiently without panicking. If one doesn’t know to answer any questions, he should keep cool and go on with rest of the questions.


After giving the examinations, one should not think about the results and focus on preparing for the next exam. Asking and discussing with friends that what and how much they wrote will make him more restless and it leads to stress which can affect the next paper.

The above tips are helpful for students who are going through mental stress and need counselling or therapies to help them out. Furthermore, online counselling or therapy sites help such people through licensed therapists. One such site is BetterHelp.           

Counselling helps students to understand themselves, they can discover oneself with the help of Therapies and counselling. Students who are not able to decide what to do and what will be better for them will be able to make decisions that are appropriate for them. Counselling helps them to make a better decision that helps them in their education and career in therapy. Counselling helps to manage a diverse range of problems in a student’s life and they can deal better with problems That deprive them of focus on career opportunities. It also helps them make an informed decision regarding which career path will be better for them. Jobs in the counselling section are abundant. A person can always take up a career in counselling and excel in it.

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