How to Convert Blog Commentators Into Blog Promoters

These Days Every Blogger has some Dreams that their Blog has So Many Followers and Fans. But this is Not Easy as Visitors Comes to our sites only to solve their respective problems. They Don’t have Any time to Comment on our Posts or to share Post. You will only find few genuine users who share your content or comment on your content after solving their problem. But as you know the majority will close the browser window after getting a solution to their problem.

Those who Comes and Comments on our Sites have Some Purpose in their Mind. The Majority of Comments is made for the Purpose of Building Backlinks. They Don’t give a Damn about the Article , the only thing they care is that the Comment they are making on Article which is Relevant to their Content. In Simple words, they just wanna Build Links to pass some link juice and also get traffic.

I have received many Emails About it from Some of My friends in Blogging. They want something to Convert those blog Commentators into Blog Promoters to Increase Followers and traffic. One Another thing they want to Remove Spam Commentators from their Blogs.

So I have written this Post to help my Friends and all those who are Suffering from Spam Comments and also wants to Increase Some Traffic to their Blogs.

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This can be done Using Google+ Comments. What it makes that whenever visitor Comment on your Blog, it will share that Post on Visitor’s Google+ Wall. Now that will Increase Blog Social Media Buzz and will increase Traffic because that person Directly or Indirectly has Promoted your Blog with their Friends.

Benefits Of Using Google+ Comments on Blogs:-

  • Traffic Will Increase with High Number of Sharing on Google+.
  • Followers Will Also Increase which Will then have Some Good Effects on Search Engine Ranking.
  • Removal of Spam Commentators.
  • You Don’t have to Waste So much of Time Filtering Good Comments From Spam as it has Automatic Publishing . It Doesn’t Need Any Moderation.

How to Use Google+ Comments in Blogger:-

It is the easiest Thing to do same as Drinking a glass of Water. Just Follow the Below Given Steps.

#1 Login to Blogger and Open Google+ Section.

#2 Now Tick Mark “Use Google+ Comments on this Blog” and You Are Done.

That’s How easy this Is. Now All blogger platform users can enjoy. But if you are on WordPress, then you need something else. You can Comment Luv Premium Plugin which gives you many high quality features. You may have seen many websites asking you to share content to get your previous 10 published posts in commentluv. This way many users will share your content. But this feature only available in premium version of this plugin. So, you need to pay some money to get this. But it’s worth paying for this plugin because you will easily convert blog commentators into blog promoters.

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