Contentmart Review – Online Content Marketplace

Contentmart Review - Online Content Marketplace

Contentmart is a virtual content marketplace where business can easily get touch with web content copywriters and freelance writers for their content needs. Content writers and freelance writers in India on a high demand by business. Content creation for websites has received large-scale demands by businesses. The number content writings jobs in India have increased rapidly as content plays an import role in the company’s business strategies. This has led to a sharp increase in content writing jobs and digital marketing jobs. There is a never ending need for web content copywriters and freelance writers. To fulfil these demands Contentmart was launched.


Is the amount made on Contentmart worth it?

This site provides a unique digital platform for copywriters, freelance writers and content writers in India to showcase their talents. In India, content writing is a risky business. Most of the time freelance writers and web content copywriters do not get paid or not get paid the entire amount.


This site works as a reliable platform for both freelance writers and clients. But is the amount paid on Contentmart worth it? The answer differs from people. A new writer on this website takes weeks before he or she could be awarded their first writing gig.

How it Works

The starting few months of working on this site most writers makes absolute no money or a very small amount. This is not favorable for an experienced web content copywriter or freelance writer. Small business pays many times more than the rates the clients provide on Contentmart. This may discourage many accomplished writers with contacts. However for a new freelance writer with no contacts, this could be a golden opportunity.


Contentmart can provide reliable clients who would pay, with time and more orders the writer may earn a large amount of money. However, that being said most of the orders on this website offer to pay prices many times less than that they should be paid. Most writers on Contentmart are underpaid. Valuable content is sold at very low prices this is a kind of abuse of the writer. The clients profit many times over from these articles.


Web content writers and freelance writers in India charge $ 2 less than writers abroad. Cheap labor is one of the reasons many clients hire freelance writers in India. As sad as it is that valuable creative content is being sold at low rates a Contentmart it still helps writers to make a decent amount of money from it.


If one is new to the business and has no experience this website can be the most reliable website to work with. Contentmart offers thousands of content writing jobs in many languages every month. Once a new writer gets started there are endless possibilities for him on this site.

Why is Contentmart Special?

Contentmart is rising in the game of providing high-quality content and article services along with other big players in the game like Lexiconn, Writersbay, Indian Freelance writers and WorkHire. The market for the freelancing jobs is on a rise in India. These services provide web content writers and freelance writers with the reliable source for earning. Most Indian content writing jobs are found online. These content writing jobs online are not reliable. Taking up these jobs from unreliable sources causes a lot of problems to freelance and content writers in India.

The copywriter laws in India are not as strict as in the U.S and U.K. The emergence of the large I.T sectors and the booming economy has given rise to many businesses who are seeking web content copywriters and freelance writers. The amounts of Indian content writing jobs are rising. But it is hard to find writers easily for clients to take up these jobs. Contentmart is a site providing a platform for content writers in India and the clients to interact and carry out business. This site was created to fulfil the growing demands of the industry of providing high-quality contents and articles. It is the first content marketing site of India.

High quality content not just in English but other Indian regional languages:

Many freelancing writing services are operating in India with thousands of freelance writers but Contentmart specializes in providing web contents on various topics and areas of specialization along with content in Indian languages. There is no site in India which can provide quality web contents in so many Indian languages. This provides opportunities to regional language web content copywriters. .Foreign clients too can put up content writing jobs on this site to get quality content which is Indian specific.


This site only has Indian writers who are tested for English language proficiency before registration. Reliable writers are certified verified writers by the site and their specialization is highlighted. It is advised by the site to check the writer’s profile before awarding a project and communicate with them. The website helps recommend web content copywriters by labelling them and displaying their ratings.

Last Words

A client may easily put up an order for a content writing job on the site. The writers bid on the project and the client award the order to the desired writer after checking the details and sometimes after communicating with them. Their articles are delivered according to the wishes of the client. The client only pays the writers after he is content with the quality of the articles. The client can always reject and deny poor quality articles.

This feature of Contentmart helps to deliver high- quality contents and articles along with getting the web content copywriters and freelance writers paid a deserving amount for their work. The website has been growing rapidly because of its diverse Indian freelance writers from all walks of life and good reviews. The amount of content writing jobs on this site is on the rise every month. This may be good news for content and freelance writers in India. Visit today and get your content requirement done.

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