Pros And Cons Of Using Paid Advertising For Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing is one way you can earn money even without working full-time. You’re going to have to put in a lot of work and patience at first to set up your website, but when you do it right, you can earn enough money to support your lifestyle. However, if you use paid advertising together with your affiliate marketing campaigns, there’s going to be a bit of change.

Pros And Cons Of Using Paid Advertising For Affiliate Marketing

Here are the pros and cons when it comes to using paid advertising for affiliate marketing:


  • Always On Top

If you’re not good with search engine optimization or SEO, your website may have hardly any visitors. It’s because you’re not on the top of search engine results pages or SERPs. If you want to rank your site organically, you need to learn. Read blogs like to find .

If you don’t have time to learn everything you can about SEO, paid advertising is another way for you to stay on top. Whether or not you’re good at SEO, your ad will still be on top of the SERP which can help improve your chances of people seeing your affiliate link.

  • You Don’t Pay the Merchant for Affiliate Links

To be an affiliate marketer, you only have to sign up for high end affiliate programs so you can promote different companies’ products or services. You don’t pay them. Instead, they pay you for the clicks or sales they get through your promotions.

To increase your chances of getting paid for your promotions, you should choose products or services that are relevant to your niche. Then, you can also sign up for Google Adsense, so you have another way for cash to flow towards you.

  • Remarketing To Visitors

Paid advertising allows you to make your ads appear again and again on your previous site visitors. When people need something, they usually research it first. They’ll carefully read through many articles and reviews before actually purchasing anything.

Your ads can appear multiple times on their searches, and can also appear on other websites if you choose display network for your ads. It will make your ads become visible across sites and even social media pages.

  • Results Tracking

Paid advertising lets you track how your ads are doing. You’ll know how many clicks it gets, and how many of those turn into sales. You can determine whether your ads are bringing you the results you’re targeting, or maybe you need to change your strategies.


  • Every Click Doesn’t Guarantee A Sale

If your affiliate program pays you for every click your ad gets, then that’s good because your site visitors don’t need to purchase anything for you to earn. They only need to click, even if by accident, then you’ll receive money. However, pay-per-clicks or PPCs don’t let you make as much as regular affiliate marketing sales.

Even if regular affiliate marketing is your method, you don’t have the guarantee that everyone who sees the ad will buy it. It’s going to take a lot of patience before you’re able to earn a stable income from affiliate marketing.

  • People Are Skeptical of Advertising

Now more than ever, people don’t trust advertising anymore. A lot of consumers believe that advertising is exaggerated on some level or another. It’s probably because photo and video manipulation are now so easy to do even for regular students that people will doubt anything they might see on the Internet.

Your ads may not bring you the clicks and sales you want because people might skip over it whenever they see the results on SERPs. So, no matter how much patience you have, it can take months before anyone would take a chance on your ad.

  • Ads Are Not Free

Advertisements are never free. If you want people to see the products or services you’re promoting without too much effort on your side, unlike SEO, you’ll have to pay for advertising. You’re going to have to pay the price for you to come out on top.

Even if you’re not paying the merchants for the affiliate links, if you’re going to use paid advertising to promote the products or services, you’re going to spend money out of your pocket. There’s also a chance you’ll end up paying more for the ads than what you’re earning from your affiliate links. You can also go with some great affiliate marketing course online.

Final Thoughts

Paid advertising for affiliate marketing can be an effective way for you to earn income or it could cost you more money than what you hoped for from the start. As with anything, there are pros and cons that you have to weigh. If the advantages seem more promising than the other, then you have to take the right measures, so you get the benefits that you want.

  1. Hi Sanu

    Affiliate marketing is a great business model.

    But you have to find the traffic… that’s what vendors are really paying you to do.

    Paid advertising is great, but like you say… not every click is a sale!

    If you can start earning more than you spend, you’re in the right place.

    Otherwise, you’re best off to write articles and use SEO… or other means… to get them to rank well.

    Very helpful article for affiliate marketers or those wishing to test the waters.


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