Connected, running sync loop on Android Wear
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In case you are the proud owner of an Android Smartphone as well as any Android Gear, you have the two best possible devices in your hand. But the trouble is that there are many instances where you might just get confused with the notifications.

Okay, let us assume you are trying to connect any device with your smartphone. One the connection is established, what are you expecting to see? You must be expecting a notification stating connected.

This happens with most of the devices but there is slight change when the device in consideration is an Android Gear. According to the numerous reports in hand, many people have experienced a notification rendering a statement: “Connected, running sync loop”.

The most intriguing feature about the situation is that the notification comes for only a few people. Since not all of the users are subjected to the “Connected, running sync loop” notification, it becomes important to realize the real cause behind the occurrence. According to the experts, the notification seems to have started with the update to the latest version of Google Play Store.

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It was a few weeks ago, when Google released the version 6.5 of its Play Store and since then things have been this way for some users.

Let us get through the actual meaning of “Connected, running sync loop”!

The confusion created, took quite a toll on the users and the experts as a mater of fact. In turn, it took the experts quite a bit of brainstorming to realize the cause of the notification “Connected, running sync loop”.

Now coming to the point, in case you are getting the notification “Connected”, then there is precisely nothing to worry about. In case, you are getting the notification “Connected, running sync loop”, You have the developer’s option enabled.

Thus, the you smartphone is thinking that you are a developer yourself and that is the reason why you are subjected to a more elaborate notification.

You can easily disable the Developer’s option via settings. Then, you must disconnect the Android Gear and reconnect it to get the standard “Connected” notification. But do keep in mind that disabling the developer’s option will also lead to a certain deficits.

There will be a restriction on the tings and data your smartphone and android gear can share within themselves, leading to incomplete results at times.

The developer’s option also allows the manufacturer of your device to get the necessary information about the device in case needed, which might well be disabled as well.

The other most important question about the “Connected, running sync loop” notification is that whether it consumes a lot of battery power or not?

Loop literally means going on doing the same actions again and again, but there is nothing to worry about. The notification actually means that the data will be shared over and over again automatically.

There are no battery issues that have been perceived till now with the “Connected, running sync loop” notification on connecting any Android Smartphone to any Android Gear.

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