“Comfort women”-An Initiative to settle row over wartime sex slaves

Foreign ministers of Korea and Japan will hold a one-day meeting in Seoul to settle a row over wartime sex slaves. 

Image via  BBC
Image via BBC

What the actual story is?

Up to 200,000 women were sexually enslaved by Japan during the war, many of them were Korean. Now there are only 46 elderly Korean survivors. South Korean President Park Geun-Hye has said settlement of the issue remains the greatest stumbling block to friendlier ties. Seoul is demanding a formal apology and compensation for the Korean survivors. But Japan has long maintained that the dispute was settled in a 1965 normalization agreement with South Korea.

Image via vice.com
Image via vice.com

Reports claimed that Japan would offer the establishment of a joint fund for the survivors as a way to settle the issue once and for all.