Coconut oil is oil extracted from mature coconuts. Coconut oil has many benefits because of the presence of high saturated fats in it. Coconut oil available in the markets can be refined or non-refined depending on the methods of extraction and quality. Virgin coconut oil has a coconutty smell and odor while refined coconut oil does not have coconutty smell and odour. COCONUT OIL is extracted through dry or wet processing.

This is similar to how top rated cbd oil and olive oil are extracted. Coconut oil, olive oil, and CBD oil are also extracted using a method known as cold-pressing. All these oils have been used extensively for decades in cooking oil, skin care products, lotions, soaps, and cosmetics.

50 Benefits and Uses of Coconut Oil

Dry processing uses dried copra while in wet processing raw coconut is used. It is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti parasitic, antioxidant and many more. It has many uses and benefits in our lives. Some of the benefits of coconut oil are:

Benefits and Uses of Coconut Oil

1) Applying coconut oil on age spots helps to fade them.

2) It has great healing property. It heals razor burns.

3) Saturated fats present in coconut oil helps to lose weight.

4) It helps in cell regeneration.

5). Coconut oil reduces stress levels and fatigue due to its soothing aroma. Massage with this oil on the head in a circular motion.

6) It is used in homemade scrubs. Usually, it is mixed with sugar, which removes dead cells from the skin to make it soft.Apply this scrub on your face and washes your face with water.

7) Putting coconut oil in the nose helps to prevent nose bleeding. Nose bleeding is caused by sensitivity to dry and wet weather conditions.

8) It reduces swelling and redness of the skin.

9) It improves insulin secretion in our bodies.

10) It can stop burning sensations and itching caused by the biting of mosquitoes and bugs.

11) It enhances metabolism, improves thyroid gland function and increases muscles. Thus helps in maintaining the fitness of an individual.

12) It promotes healing when applied to bug bites. It stops itching on the skin.

13) It acts as a great supplement for athletes. Because it boosts energy. Thereby increasing their performance in sports.

14) It has SPF, which provides protection to the lips when applied in small quantities on the lips. It makes them smooth.

15) It reduces digestion related problems like bowel syndrome and indigestion by the act on parasites and fungi which causes them.

16) It aids the absorption of calcium and magnesium in our body.

17) When it is rubbed on scalp daily it nourishes skin and eliminates cradle cap.

18) It controls oil secretion on the scalp which is the cause of dandruff.

19) It moisturizes your skin by massaging it daily on your skin.

20) It is good for breastfeeding moms as its daily consumption enrich milk.

21) It reduces nausea.

22) It can act as a deodorant.

23) It helps to exfoliate your skin when mixed with various ingredients available in the kitchen to make it refreshing.

24) It is also an excellent eye cream. Coconut oil when applied under eyes reduces dark circles and their puffiness.

25) It can be used in place of soaps. Rub it on wet face. Usually, it is mixed with other oils like olive oil etc.

26) It conditions your hairs when massaged on scalp and hairs for 20 minutes or you can leave overnight.

27) It also acts as a hair gel.

28) It protects the wounds from bacteria, dust, etc. It speeds up the healing process.

29) It repairs damaged tissues in our body.

30) It reduces wrinkles and brings back youthfulness.

31) It reduces sagging skin.

32) You can make your own toothpaste at home by simply mixing baking soda with coconut oil.

33) It can also act as a natural sunscreen.

34) Coconut oil relief from sunburns when rubbed on the affected areas.

35) It can also remove makeup from the face.

36) Coconut oil is good massaging oil.

37) When applied on face and neck it act as a great moisturizer.

38) Applying a small amount of coconut oil underneath makeup reduces the appearance of oil in oily skin.

39) It is good for frizzy hairs. Massage with coconut oil before shampooing.

40) It provides relief from many skin diseases.

41) When it is taken internally, reduces urinary tract infection, stomach ulcers, parasites, rickets etc.

42) It reduces acne, allergies, infections and many other skin problems.

43) Coconut oil is used in cooking and baking food.

44) It prevents fungal and bacterial infections.

45) Coconut oil can be used to polish bronze.

46) when it is mixed with peppermint oil extracts, it acts as a good insect repellent.

47) It can be used to clean leather products.

48) It eliminates bad breath in dogs.

49) This oil is recommended by veterinarians for pets.

50) It reduces toothache.

So, these are the top 50 Benefits of Coconut Oil. Don’t forget to share with your friends on Social Networks and also give some more Uses of Coconut Oil in the Comments.

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