Clicksor Review – Contextual Ad Network

From the last few months, I have been using a lot advertising networks on my event blogs, to find out, which one of the best. And that’s why I am reviewing all of them to explain both positive and negative points to my readers. Today I selected, Clicksor Review, because it is a popular company, but somehow due it’s service or bad advertisers, people seem to stay away from it. To know more, let’s start the review.

What is Clicksor ?

It is a contextual advertising network that uses certain phrases and keywords of the website to show Relevant Advertisements. They have many permanent publishers. Mainly from countries like US, UK and Canada, because their CPM Rates are higher in those countries when compared to the rest of the world. So, that’s why This network is not used in Countries like India where CPM Rates are very low, but some publishers who have streaming or downloading sites are still using Clicksor and earning a good amount because of high traffic.

How Clicksor Works?

Clicksor displays ads on the Basis of keywords, phrases ,meta tags used in a section of your webpage. So, advertisements shown are always quite Relevant to the content. Working and explanation of Clicksor’s different ad types are given in the next paragraph of this article.

Types of Advertisements:-

1. Inline-Text Ads

In-Text adverts are shown when users take Mouse Hover over a keyword which underlined, then a tiny pop-up window will appear and most relevant ad will be shown.

2. Pop-Under Ads

Pop-Under adverts are the ads that shown in a window which is minimized and the user will not notice that the ad is opened,  until he closes all open windows of browser. So, these advertisements can be effective in increasing the earnings.

3. Interstitial Ads

These are the type of adverts that forces users to view advertisement for some period of time.It Opens when user clicks on a link on your website and then the Interstitial ads are shown before proceeding to page the user wants to open.

4. Text Banners

In text Banner Text advertisements are shown and these are of many different sizes.

5. Graphical Banners

In these types, graphical adverts are shown in various sizes of banners.


Note:- All the calculations above are just rough amount.You cannot take it a fixed value, because CPM and PPC rates will differ according to the traffic source. In simple, you will get more money if you have traffic from countries like US and Canada.

Clicksor Review


  1. Website Review Process and account approval is easy and fast.
  2. Use of Pop-under ads can increase earnings.


  1. They Don’t give full details about earnings in the Reporting system.
  2. Websites must have 50% of traffic from US, CA OR UK.

How to Sign Up?

Signing up with Clicksor is fast and easy as you just have to fill a simple form and they will Review your application in a matter of few days, if not hours. Once approved, you can start earning money by placing Ad codes on your website.

How to Place Advertisements on Your Website?

This is very easy as there are widgets available for blogger ,WordPress ,Joomla ,Drupal OR Users can install custom Ad codes by following Below Given Guide:-

  1. Login to your Account and Open “Ad Setup”.
  2. Select Your Website and Click “Next”.
  3. Then click “Generate New Ad code” and then choose “Regular Setup”.
  4. Then choose types of Ads you want to show.If you don’t want to show any ad, then click “skip” button.
  5. After all, you will get the code which you can add to your website and the advertisements will start appearing within 5 minutes.

Clicksor Payment?

They pay on NET15 Basis, monthly and mode of Payment are:-

  1. Paypal (Minimum $50)
  2. Cheque (Minimum $50)
  3. Wire Transfer (Minimum $75)
So, once you reach the minimum threshold, your money will reach into your pockets very smoothy and quickly.

Adsense -vs- Clicksor

Well, As I Said before, this network works best for US, UK countries. So, we cannot say that Clicksor is one of the best Adsense alternatives, but you can use it on your website as a secondary income source. It can also be used in conjunction with Google Adsense, because both network advertisements look different.

So, that’s it, Now, it’s your turn to share your views about this Clicksor Review.
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