Choose Blogging Platform : Blogger -vs- WordPress

Choose Blogging Platform : Blogger -vs- WordPress

Blogger -vs- WordPress Comparison. With Blogging Getting very Popular these days, everyone looks to Create a Blog. But for Creating a Blog they Need a best Platform to Start whether it is WordPress or Blogger.
Choosing one of them is difficult question specially for Beginners as they Don’t know about Positive and Negative Points of Both these Platforms.


Here we are making it Little Simpler for Everyone to Choose what is best for Them.

What is Blogger?

Blogger is a very Popular Blogging Platform that Provides Free Hosting With Custom Domain. Users Can Also Create Sub-domain Blog with Blogger. Most of the Beginners are Advised by expert in this field to Start with Blogger as it is Easier to Use . It Don’t Need So much of Skills to Operate.

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What is WordPress?

WordPress is Another Popular Blogging platform, but Users have to Buy Hosting Plan with Domain Name to Get Started. WordPress is Little Complicated when it Comes to Beginners. They Could find it difficult to Operate as it has so many Features.

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Positives About Blogger:-

1. It is Free to Use Blogging System as Beginners in the Start Don’t have too much money to spend specially Students so Blogger is Best for them.

2. Blogger is Very Secure Platform as it will Rarely get Hacked.

3. Blogs of Blogger Runs on Fast Google Servers so there would be No Downtime.

4. Blogger Template Customization is the Best Feature on Blogger. Just Because of this Feature I love Blogger. I learned My Web designing While Using Blogger HTML editor by Altering Templates according to my Needs.

Positives About WordPress:-

1.  Powerful Blogging System with Premium Features.

2. WordPress is very Flexible and Provides Premium High Feature Themes.

3. It Provides Premium Frameworks.

4. Users with Good Coding Knowledge can Find it very Easy to Use.

5. Have Tons of Plugins which make you blog very Professional. Must read:- Best Social Sharing WordPress Plugins

Negatives About Blogger:-

1. Google is the First Owner of your Content. Google can delete your Blog , Unpublish Any Post at Any Time. Read :- 10 Reasons that Cause Blogspot Blog Deleted By Google

2. Blogger has No Flexibility , Limited Number of Features Specially Comment Section and Post Editor.

Negatives About WordPress:-

1. Relatively Easy for Hackers to Hack WordPress Blog then Blogger Blogs.

2. It Could be Costly Specially for Students as it Needs Paid Hosting and Domain Name.

3. Theme Customization can be very difficult for Beginners.

Other Features of Blogger and WordPress:-

There are Some other Features Like Mobile Device Compatibility . Blogger Doesn’t have a Mobile Optimized Site but Users can Publish Posts Using SMS and also their is Blogger App Provided by Google for Smartphones to Publish Articles.
WordPress on the Other Side have Special Mobile Optimized Site for mobile Users which they can access and Publish Posts.

One Another Feature that WordPress Provides Better than Blogger is Guest Blogging System. Blogs Hosted by WordPress can Allow Users to Register for Guest Blogging and also they can be given Different Roles Like Contributor , Author But with Blogger there are Only Administrators and Authors.

Which one is Best For You?

It Could be According to your Needs. If you want to Create a Professional Blog with High Quality Features and you have sufficient Funds in your Pocket then you can Go for But if you Don’t have sufficient Money for paid Hosting Plan then you can Start with which also Provides Good Features Specially for Beginners. Also, we can’t say that we can’t Create Professional Blogs with Blogger as there are very Popular Blogs that are still Operated with Blogger Platform.

So, in the End I must Say WordPress is the Best Platform for Blogging if you want your blog to be professional and SEO friendly.

Note:- you can Choose Blogger in Beginning and then later you can Migrate to WordPress whenever you want.

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Do You Own a Blog ? Which platform You Choose to Create Your Blog?

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