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These days people are finding it very hard to find a proper ad network which can give them a decent opportunity to earn income from their website. But the majority of them fail, due to many reasons. One of them is, there are many similar networks working in this field, so people get confused. But it will not happen again, because today I am sharing a good Adsense alternative which will solve your problem. So, let’s begin with Chitika Review in the next paragraph. I will be explaining every section in different paragraphs so you can easily understand it.

What is Chitika ?

It is a very well know ad network working in this field from many years. They have built a huge trust of customers and that’s why they have a large base of advertisers and publishers. They really offer a high quality service with awesome search targeted adverts. Sometimes, CPM can be on the low side, but still you can earn good income, especially if you have a good amount of traffic from US and UK.

How it Works?

It is based on PPC , CPC ,CPM and are generally Text Advertisements. These ads are only shown to the visitors coming from search engines. So, all the adverts are totally relevant to the users search query, which increases CTR.

Types of Ads:-

Chitika has lots of customizable ad units available for their publishers. They can even customize the size and colour of the Adverts.

1. Text and Display Advertisements:- These are available in different sizes and also the colour can be customized by Publishers according to their needs. Different Sizes Available are:-

  • Skyscraper (120*600)
  • Wide Skyscraper (160*600)
  • Rectangle (300*250)
  • Mini Blog Banner (468*60)
  • Adhesion Banner (Mobile)
  • Small square (160*160)
  • square (250*250)
  • Small Square (200*200)
  • Mini Wide Rectangle (300*70)
  • Mini Wide Rectangle (300*125)
  • Wide Rectangle (300*150)
  • Small Wide Rectangle (334*160)
  • Wide Rectangle (336*160)
  • Rectangle (336*280)
  • Small Content Banner (400*90)

2. List Units:- These  adverts adjust height automatically and can also be customized manually by Publishers.

3. Mobile Units:- These advertisements will help you earn income from your mobile traffic.

Chitika Review


  1. The account approval process is very easy as you just need to submit your one website and most of the teams, unless your website is real span, they will approve your account..
  2. It can be used worldwide.
  3. There support for mobile traffic makes them a very good ad network.
  4. The advertisements shown will be fully relevant to the user query. So, there are strong chances that he/she will click on it.


  1. PPC Rates are lower as compared to other ad networks. But it will totally depend on the keyword that bring visitors to Publishers website.
  2. The account approval process can take up 5-7 days, which is a long period of time.

How to Sign Up?

Publishers just need to fill a simple form with the correct details and also, remember your website should follow all the easy rules set by this company. If you do, you will surely get your account approved. After approval, fill your important details like Tax forms to avoid any hold on your payment in the future.

Chitika Payment?

The pay on NET30 Basis which means you just need to wait for a 30 day period to get your income in your bank account. The mode of payments will be PayPal ($10 minimum) and Cheque ($50 minimum).

Adsense -vs- Chitika

Chitika is a Decent Adsense Alternative especially if your website has good traffic from search engines. And also, both these networks can be used in combination. But remember not to fill your website with too many ads, because it might irritate Adsense team.

So, that’s it for today. Now, it’s your turn to share your views about this network via comments.
  1. Chitika is one of those advertising networks you have a love hate relationship with. Chitika has great styling, great fill rate, and wonderful advertisements for certain niches. However, it has terrible advertisements for others and the amount that it pays is extremely low. However, the clicks might bring in a lot more revenue it varies too much its not that consistent and when you do find a point of consistency it is poor. You need to be in the gold level for this advertising network to be worth your time.

    1. It Depends on your Niche. If you have a technology Website then , chitika will have many Related Ads which will get More clicks. On the other side Adsense Show many irrelevant ads. So, You can make Good Money From Chitika if you have Good amount of traffic coming from search engine.

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