What is an APN, and how do I change it in Android?

Had I been in US or any other such county where we get cheap budget oriented contract plans from many service providers, this would have been a big question for me. Network settings play a key role in data connectivity and a correct network setting on a device can make a good amount of difference when in comparison with a wrong one.
What is an APN, and how do I change it in Android?

What is an APN?

APN is the short form for Access Point Name. Thisis the gateway through which a cellular device is connected to public internet. In other words it is the set of setting required so that the device will be able to communicate (transfer data packets) over an internet Protocol (IP). What happens inside is a vast process of authentication which takes place and is diversedepending on the network structure of every different vendor. These set of setting are unique for every vendor and can be altered to some extend depending the requirement and allocation of available resources. The best thing about APN these days is that the system file on the device knows how to communicate with the service provider to fill in these details automatically as soon as it comes in contact with the Service provider for the first time.

How do I change it in Android?

It is usually same in all android phones / tablets / Phablets , but as Android has a great degree of customization it might change. APN is usually found under the network setting tab and sometime it is also named as Access Point Name. The correct network setting information can only be found with the help of the service provider. For any kind of change you need to follow the simple steps below

  1. First go to the setting option on your android device.
  2. Then select the “ More Option”
  3. Select Mobile Network
  4. There you will see “Access Point names”

• The last option leads you to a place, where you can find all access points names you phone has connected to till now. Or if you have never connected to one you can add one right away. You can either select one of the available names to edit it or create a new one. Most important options of these settings are NAME, APN, PORT, MMSC, MMS PROXY and MMS PORT.

• Name: – This can be set to anything used for distinguishing your settings from other APN’s.

• APN: – This is the access point name, which helps to transfer data within the cellular network and public internet.

• PORT: – Internet protocol has more than 36000 ports and these ports are classified with unique features to support. Usually this is set to 80.

• MMSC: – This is the access point for MMS Services, differs from vendor to vendor.

• MMS PROXY: – Most of available service providers use proxy servers for MMS Service.

• MMS PORT: – this is again Set to 80 in most cases, used to transfer MMS data details through this port.

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