BuySellAds Review – Direct Ad Network

These days, many people are coming to the blogging field to earn money. Although in the beginning, it is not possible to earn, but after doing blogging for 6-8 months, people still struggling to earn, because of lack of Monetization methods. They Try All Ad networks, which can pay them a good amount, but fail due to insufficient traffic. All those networks need Thousands of Visitors to earn a big amount, including Google Adsense. So, today I decided to Review BuySellAds, which provides a different way of Monetization. You must have heard of direct advertisements, which actually is a better way of earning money from your blogs, when compared to Adsense.

But, the question, How you can get Direct Advertisements? It is difficult to get, unless a big advertiser see you blog getting good traffic.

Wait, What if I say, You can get many advertisers who will provide you direct advertisements on your blog. Yes, I am not joking. BuySellAds is built in a way that, it will create a strong connection of Advertisers and publishers. Both will stay happy using premium services to sell and buy ad spaces. For more explanation, read this Full review.

What Is BuySellAds?

As I already explained you that, BuySellAds is an Advertising Space Buying-Selling Company been around since 2008 and are one of the fastest growing company in the US. They provide a full advanced platform to publishers for selling the best place on their websites, where advertisers can place adverts. All this happens in a very systematic way.

How BuySellAds Works?

BuySellAds Works Like Middlemen between Advertisers and Publishers.They Provide Perfect Platform for Buying and Selling Ad Spaces. They Keep everything simple as you can set the prices of your ad spaces, once your website approved and then advertisers can buy those ad spaces. But the Interesting thing is, Once your advertising space sold, you have the option to accept or reject. If that advertisement is related to your niche, you must approve, but if it is unrelated or will odd on your site, then you must reject.

BuySellAds takes 25% Commission from your earnings ($100) at end of month, then you will only have $75 in your bag. In simple words, If you set a price of $100 for 30 days for 1 ad slot, then you will earn $75. But this is totally fair as they providing us the best Secure platform to Earn From Direct Ads.

Suggestion:- Keep your Rate Lower in the beginning and once you start getting advertisers increase your rate slowly for each ad slot.

Types Of Advertisements:-

On BuySellAds, you will find many different ways to earn. They are not only providing a single type of monetization method, they give you the opportunity to earn by every single way. For Example,

  1. Display Ads
  2. Display in RSS Feeds
  3. Background Takeovers
  4. Image +Text
  5. Sponsored Tweets
  6. Text Ads (Not For SEO)
  7. Custom
  8. Email Newsletter

Minimum Requirements For Sign Up?

The Account Approval for this advertising Network is very Difficult as Minimum Requirements needed are very difficult to fulfill.

Requirements are:-
  1. Minimum 100,000 Impressions per Month.
  2. Unique ,Fresh and Quality Content.
  3. Better Alexa Rank.
  4. High Page Rank.
  5. Main Language of website should be English.
  6. No Copyright Infringement, No Adult Content, No Illegal Content.
  7. High Social Activity of website increase chances of approval.

If your website has potential reach this minimum level, then you an apply for this Ad space Buying, selling Company By filling a simple form to submit an application. They will review your application in matter 4-5 days. If they feel your website is good, then they will surely approve your account and once approved, you can start creating Ad Zones (Ad slots).

How to Add Ad Codes?

Well, there will two different codes, one is header code which you need to add in the header of your website. You will only need to add it once. And the second is Zone code, which you can ad manually and then, decorate it with manual CSS. But those who don’t want to mess with coding, can install BuySellAds WordPress Plugin and easily place ad zones to sell.

Once installed, you can check all stats in your account and then , change the placement of advertisements according to its performance. As you know, place adverts at the best place, where advertiser can get maximum exposure, then only you will earn big. Otherwise, you will not get a big amount.

And also, Try to place More of Images Advertisements which will not affect your brand as Text Ads Looks ugly.

BuySellAds Review

  1. Best Network Around for selling ad spaces and earning 75% of Revenue share.
  2. Publishers have all the rights to manually approve advertisements to be shown on their websites.
  3. Ads Installation is very easy with easy HTML code.
  4. Most Relevant advertisements shown to your Niche specially web technology and Freelancing, because they have a large number of advertisers from these niches.
  1. Getting Account Approval is difficult as need to have 100,000 page views per month.
  2. Websites must have been written in English to get accepted.
  3.  No Sub-Domains get Accepted.

BuySellAds Payment?

They pay via Following Methods:-
  1. PayPal (Minimum $20)
  2. Cheque (Minimum $50)
  3. Wire Transfer (Minimum $500)
Note:-If You want BuySellAds to pay Via Wire Transfer then there is a $35 fee for every Transaction.

Adsense -vs- BuySellAds

They both are different networks which you can also understand by reading this review. But we can consider BuySellAds as one of the best Adsense Alternatives. Because they can help you earn big. But again the account approval is difficult. So, you have to work to earn, you need to get high traffic.

So, that’s it for today. Now it’s your turn to give your views about this Ad space buying selling company.

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