9 Businesses You Can Start During a Pandemic


The prevailing pandemic has paved way for enhanced business opportunities as most of the consumers have adapted to life after COVID-19. The current norm of remote working and social distance has turned many businesses upside down. On the other hand, it has shown various opportunities to business holders to meet the current and evolving consumers’ needs. 

9 Businesses ideas to Start During a Pandemic

Let’s see some of the ideal businesses that can be started during the prevailing pandemic, let it be a debut or renewing services that has been already existing.

Producing Unique Face Masks

9 Businesses You Can Start During a Pandemic

As most of the places have made face masks mandatory where social distancing isn’t possible, the demand for face masks has grown incredibly high. And these face masks have become a sort of fashion statement and a part of the lifestyle. People have started to accessorize their outfits with trendy and perfect masks.

Having a handy sewing machine and a little of how do knowledge, you can make fashionable masks and customizable masks for those who make their personality shine along with following the safety protocols. This has perfect potential for a perfect business. 

Pet Services and Products

9 Businesses You Can Start During a Pandemic

One positivity that emerged from the stay – at – home orders due to COVID-19 is that there is an immense spike in pet adoptions. People tend to seek pet companionship as they are mostly social distancing. In India, pet shelters have come across a 700% increase in pet fostering and pet adoptions since last year.

For the furry friends, many consumers are in search of online service providers and online retailers.

Pet products that include treats, homemade treats, and pet toys are in quite a high demand now, you can expose your love towards pets by getting into a pet – focused business that makes consumers’ lives better and easier.

Educational Toys and Games

9 Businesses You Can Start During a Pandemic

With most of the schools remaining shut and limited online class schedules existing, parents are fond of finding alternative ways to improve analytic thinking and promote creative stimulation. Here, creative entrepreneurs with passion can step in and create educational games and toys.

Parents are exposing a strong preference for various educational options along with their children’s entertainment as children are spending a lot of time by viewing screens than before.

So, creating, introducing and selling digital games or physical toys makes children learn as well as have fun. This will for sure be a key to success in the market.

Errand and Delivery Services

9 Businesses You Can Start During a Pandemic

Many people stay at home preferring safety first, precisely immunocompromised people and many senior citizens are very cautious in keeping themselves safe during this pandemic which ultimately makes them stay home.

Naturally, delivery services are on – demand and have eventually become a highly sought – aftermarket. 

It is very simple to get involved in this rapidly growing industry like becoming an Uber Eats driver. You can ultimately create your own independent and individual courier service where you can deliver essentials or deliver groceries. Or you can also pick and drop medications by running errands.

Interior and Exterior Home Improvement

9 Businesses You Can Start During a Pandemic

In the prevailing pandemic situation, people remain home and spend most of their time indoors. Therefore, people are showcasing more interest in developing and upgrading their properties with proper maintenance. Amid the COVID-19 situation, Exterior and Interior home improvements have rapidly increased with 57% of consumers in the first 3 months of the pandemic. 

Basic renovations and redecorating are mostly achievable by the consumers whereas huge repairs and larger projects may be a hardship for a homeowner.

Thereby, if you have construction knowledge, you can help consumers create a perfect and ideal quarantine haven by renovating and remodeling. The target market is remote workers who expect a dedicated and functional home office space.

Handmade Products

9 Businesses You Can Start During a Pandemic

Before the pandemic, E-commerce was already skyrocketing, but now with the physical stores functioning at very limited capacity, online sales are the best way to go for aspiring and amateur retailers. With the current newfound free time, artisans and crafters got a unique opportunity to thrive in business by bringing up their skills and passion. Various hobbies like painting, jewelry designs, woodworking, and knitting can be translated into an online store. 

Home Beauty Kits

9 Businesses You Can Start During a Pandemic

During the quarantine period, people got fed with the shutting down of hair and beauty salons and got adapted to create their own fashion statement and own beauty routines. As people are in the comfort of their own homes, they have tended to pamper themselves by trying out new beauty products. 

The trend of DIY home beauty kits and products is a great way to capitalize on this pandemic. In the foreseeable future products that have been focused on self – care and holistic wellness like essential oils, aromatherapy, and facial products are quite expected to see immense and consistent demand. You can create your own skin and hair care items and curate personalized products for consumers.

Commercial Cleaning Services

9 Businesses You Can Start During a Pandemic

Various commercial cleaning services are in higher demand than before as antibacterial and cleaning supplies are moving out of the shelves. 

Public businesses, restaurants, and office buildings are dependent on these services to constantly disinfect and sanitize their spaces and keep them clean in order to make their employers and people safe. When more buildings like schools and universities reopen to the public, owners and managers tend to seek for cleaning services to terminate the spread of viruses and germs.

Personal Training and Virtual Workout Classes

9 Businesses You Can Start During a Pandemic

The pandemic has made it very clear how immune systems and physical health is important. As fitness centers and gyms remain closed due to the lockdown or operate with restricted and limited capacity, people have started to find creative ways to resume their exercise.

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Entrepreneurs who are interested and with passion for fitness along with proper background for training and fitness techniques can convert their skills into one – on – one sessions and virtual classes with the work – from – home team. You can offer a variety of levels to reach people from beginner levels to advanced levels to improve their fitness journey from sitting at home.

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