Creating a powerful and compelling personal brand has never been so major for Entrepreneurs and Freelancers in the field as compared beyond time. Personal branding develops a mark around your name for the long run. Branding on business level is common but branding on a personal level is also equally important for any individual with access to the internet and mediums reaching the mass. So it becomes even more important that why and how should one build a personal brand. 

Why should you build your personal brand?


Building a unique and powerful personal brand opens professional opportunities and creates a vision for future growth. When you’re the face of your business, building your personal brand makes perfect sense since it’s the area of your expertise, Your personality and your personal branding is what makes you stand apart from others and their brand, If your brand doesn’t attract your target audience, you may be in trouble for building a profitable and compelling brand so it’s vital to know how exactly should you build a personal brand.

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How should you build a personal brand? 

Whether an independent freelancer or business owner, your personal brand speaks before you. Being intentional about what you want it to stand for shapes the opportunities you attract so here are a few tips to build your personal brand 

  • Understand your value

If you aren’t specific about the kind of work you do or would like to do, people won’t know to come to you for it. Your value is not based on what position you are but what unique you bring to the table. Keep in mind that many people struggle to choose a specific niche because they don’t want to limit themselves. Realize that your personal brand, like many business brands, will change as your career grows. The best strategy is to choose a particular area you’d like to focus on and let it evolve over time.

  • Build your foundation

You need to lay a foundation you can confidently rely upon because that is the base where you’ll craft your personal brand. You should strategically showcase yourself to your audience, specifically your skills, passions, values, and beliefs. To build a strong foundation take a note on the skills that you already possess like

  • Your skills and credentials which you have acquired and your achievements, certifications, and education you’ve got.
  • Core values and beliefs like the things you believe in, and your most important core values.
  • Things which you’re passionate about and the industries you’re interested in.

Once you identify these, you need to guide your decisions like what is your brand decision, brand mission, target, message, personality etc. Then you need to know your market place for which you need the next step which is selecting your target audience. 

  • Choose your target audience

Before you start crafting your personal brand, you also need to determine who you’re trying to reach.  The sooner you define the audience, the easier it will be to craft your story, because you’ll better understand the type of story you need to tell and where you need to tell it. Do not try to appeal everyone because everyone isn’t your ideal client, don’t waste your time in appealing people who might not be interested in your brand because that’s normal and you need to accept it. Reaching the perfect clients is really important for a successful business.

Developing a client profile might just be the hack you need , to choose your target audience.

  • Modify your personal website

Having a personal website is an important component of building a personal brand. First impressions are critical. When your target audience visits your personal website, they should be able to immediately understand who you are and how you can help them.

Basic and essential elements for your website should be 

  • A professional logo for your name. You can hire graphic designers to create a unique logo of your name
  • Directing a message or information about you as a brand and your skills so it is clear to the audience who they’re looking up to
  • Professional pictures of you which makes your website look clean and interesting.
  • Social media handles and contact information where the audience can connect with you and understand you better 

Have a content strategy

To create a content strategy for your personal brand, start by creating a list of all of the potential topics that would be helpful for your target audience. Do a proper keyword research for discovering popular and trending searches, For that you can hire a SEO or use Google’s Keyword planner and other available websites.

Once you have topics , you can decide what kind of content you want to post, The most common content types used are articles, videos, podcasts, case studies, etc. Mediums like blogs, facebook, youtube can be used to post the content. Focus on the quality and consistency of your content to keep the audience interested and connected.

Embrace networking and build a community

How to build a personal brand (Guide from Scratch)

Embrace networking to increase the visibility of your content and brand. As you cultivate your ideal personal brand, it’s important to network regularly (and effectively) to grow your professional circle. Connect with peers and industry thought-leaders by going to formal and informal networking events. 

With so many different media tools available today, your online presence will likely look different depending on the medium you choose. While your story should match across all platforms, once you know where your targeted audience is most likely to turn, you can redouble your efforts in telling your best story there.

To increase the visibility there are a few common ways used which are Interviews and PR, Guest blogging, Public Speaking, Meetups, Creating events and offers, etc. 

Revamp your personal brand as you grow

As the digital world changes and your career evolves, so will your personal brand. Adjust your persona accordingly when you meet different people, find new networking opportunities, and grow in your career. As long as it reflects your professional life, don’t hesitate to create a brand that lets you shine amongst all.

As a Freelancer or Entrepreneur, you will always have competitors but as a personal brand you can shine since the persona is different from one another so focus on the key points about you , your areas of expertise and start building your personal brand today.

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