Build Backlinks by Allowing User’s to Copy Your Content

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Backlinks are Always Important from Many Years. They are counted as Votes for every website. Suppose if your Website has 100 inbound Links from various different domains, then your site has 100 votes which means Higher Rankings in search Engine. But Presently, with Google Penguin Update, the definition of backlinks has changed a bit. These Days only Relevant Backlinks are counted for increase in search Rankings, irrelevant links can cause a penalty for a website.

Now, after Knowing the Importance of Relevant Backlinks you will be thinking of ways of building Links for your site. There are many ways Like Blog Commenting, Guest Posting, Forum Posting, etc. But Apart from that there is one Craziest way. It is by allowing users to copy your content.

Many Bloggers Wastes a lot of time to remove copied content from other websites but it is really Time consuming Work. So Instead of Removing content, you should use it as a way to build some relevant backlinks.

I know what you are thinking now, If other users copy your content, then it might cause plagiarism plenty to your website, but it will not because Google is Smart Enough to know which content is published first and which is copied. So don’t worry about plagiarism factor.

Now, “How Users can Copy Your Content?” And “How they can Give you backlinks?”

There are Many Bloggers online who like to copy others hard work and make their own, but the majority of them don’t have enough time to remove links from copied article. So Un-wantedly he is giving you a credit for that article which is perfectly a Dofollow Relevant Backlink.
So, always include more than 3 links of your other posts in New Article. If Users Copy Paste that Article on their website then you will have 3 different backlinks from different Anchor Texts.

What if User Removed Links from Copied Article?

If User Remove your Links while copying content from your site, then you can contact him and ask to give credit for that article. If he refuses, then you can complain to DMCA for content removal or can report to Google for copied article.
If users has copied content on Blogspot blog then you can complain to blogger DMCA Team, which will then remove copied posts or remove full spam blog. But if users are on WordPress Platform then you can request URL Removal to Google. You can also Complaint to Adsense Team if Spammer uses their Ads to Monetize copied content.

Any Disadvantages?

It will have some disadvantages as traffic might split because there are two articles with the same title and same text content. Also, I have seen many copied article’s rankings much higher than the originals. This could be embarrassing for the original content writer.
So I will advise if this happens, it better off to remove that content from search engine using Google DMCA.

Words for spammers?

Spamming is a most hated thing on internet so Avoid copying content from others and making it yours. Remember Stealing someones copyrighted content is a crime so beware of it. Always Make sure to Give due credit to the original writer of an article or a paragraph if you are using it as a reference Because it Make Original content Owner happy if he has a Dofollow link.

What’s Your Opinion on Spammers Copying Content? Is it the best way to build some backlinks or a bad thing with Google Penguin?

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