Helped Me Make Money Online Helped Me Make Money Online

Are you a Video Lover? Do you love Creating and Uploading Videos?

If yes, then this post is for you. What if I told you that you can make Money uploading Videos. Yes, At first you thought you will think about YouTube, but I am not talking about YouTube, I am here to explain another way to earn via videos. There is a site called which give you the opportunity to make some cash. Wanna Know More? Let Me explain everything one by one.

What is is Video and Image Uploading site, but mainly known as the social video sharing site. It has something similar working like Metacafe. You can upload your Self recorded videos, Short Movies, Images and can sell your Games. It also Helps you Make money Online via many different ways. Wanna Know more? Read the below given paragraph.

How to Make Money Online with

This Site will not pay you money as you seen with many other websites and also there is no such Advertisement option like YouTube. Now, Your Mind would be thinking “How you can earn from this Website”. Actually pays you money when your self created Video, or Image reach their Homepage. If you are a Game developer, then you can earn huge bucks by simply requesting to post it on the Game channel of this website.

So, A Great Opportunity for you to Make Money Online as they are one of the best in this business. But Remember You Videos, Images and Games should be Original. You must be the owner of your content, then only you will be eligible to dollars.

Now, It’s time to talk about the amount you can earn via these 3 different ways.

How much Pays You?

  • For Video:-Up to $2000
  • For Image:-Up to $25
  • For Game:-Up to $2000

So, it’s simple when one of your Video or short film reach Homepage of, then you will be paid up to $2000. If you Image Hit Homepage of this Website, then, you will be paid up to $25. If you have a Good Game, then, you can Earn up to $2000.

Is it Legit?

Yes is a totally legit Site allows you to Make Money Online. But it is much harder to earn with this site than any other Video sharing Website because Your Videos and Images must need that charm to go viral and Hit their Homepage. If you are producing Casual stuff, then, there are very less chances of your video hitting Homepage.

So, Keep it in your Mind, they won’t pay unless your Video rocks. I have seen Many Videos just missing slightly to hit the Homepage of this Website. It is Very sad, but that’s the way it goes, you will not get anything to complete 90%, you have to complete 100%. In simple Words, you have to hit the Homepage to Make Money Online. Payment System?

They Pay Via PayPal in Weekly Cycle. In simple Words, when your Video or Image earn Money by hitting Homepage, You get paid within a Week.

So, this Ends the series of Questions. If you any confusion feel free to ask via comments.

  1. Hey Atinder,

    This sounds like a great opportunity! Imagine being able to express yourself while earning money at the same time! I can’t wait to try it out. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Very helpful post @Atinder bro! Thanks for sharing this information.
    Keep writing! 🙂

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