Strategy and Books to Refer for NEET 2021 Preparation - Physics, Chemistry & Biology

The NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) is a medical entrance examination in India. The NEET exam is a pen and paper-based test conducted for 3 hours that will test the knowledge in physics, chemistry, and biology. Students aspiring doctors in to be doctors in India have to pass the NEET exam.

It is a national-level exam to get medical course admission in government and private colleges in India. For 2021’s medical entrance examination 238 exam centers have been organized in Tamil Nadu. Totally 3842 NEET examination centers have been arranged all over India. The NEET exam this year is expected to be conducted on 1st August. Nevertheless, the entrance examination may postpone due to escalating coronavirus pandemic in India.

Earlier the NEET exam was conducted in the name of the All India Pre Medical Test (AIPMT). Since 2016 the medical entrance examination was known as NEET. Back in 2016, the NEET exam was held only in English and Tamil. But now the NEET exam is made possible in 11 different Indian languages.

Conducting the NEET exam in a native language is beneficial for non-English medium students. The exam is conducted once a year for aspiring doctors. The NEET examination application fee ranges from 800 to 1500 rupees depending on the community of the applicant.

The NEET exam application will be released in May 2021. In India, the NEET exam has a lot of opposition. But still conducting an entrance test will filter out the best students and bring the best doctors to the nation. 

Syllabus and Pattern of the NEET Examination

The syllabus of the NEET exam broadly suggests studying the 11th and 12th standard NCERT books for physics, chemistry, and biology. However, studying NCERT books alone may not fetch great scores.

The pattern of examination is quite simple as it involves only three subjects. Physics and chemistry subjects will have 45 questions each and biology will have 90 questions. So, these three hours exams are encompassed 180 questions.

Every right answer in this exam will get 4 marks and a wrong answer will get a -1 mark. The total mark of the exam is 720. The first and foremost tip is to go through the previous year’s question papers to understand the question pattern and type of questions asked. 

Strategy and Books to Refer for NEET 2021 Preparation - Physics, Chemistry & Biology

Choosing and studying the right book plays a vital role to pass any examination. After finishing the complete 11th and 12th standard physics book, the aspirants need to prepare other standard physics. The other physics books suggested for NEET preparation are listed below.

  • Concepts of Physics by H C Verma (Part 1 and 2) is the most recommended book for Physics. 
  • Fundamentals of Physics by Halliday, Resnick & Walker
  • Understanding Physics by Freedman and Young
  • Problems in General Physics by I E Irodov
  • Problems and solution of Physics by Shashi Bhushan Tiwari
  • Problems in physics by S S Krotov            
  • Understanding Physics by Freedman and Young

These are the major physics books that are favored by many teachers, students, and teaching institutions. 

Strategy and Books to Refer for NEET 2021 Preparation - Physics, Chemistry & Biology

Chemistry is an easy-to-score subject. Some say that chemistry in the NEET exam is quite simple compared to the other two subjects. Most questions asked in the chemistry NEET exam are from the NCERT books.

So, a student approaching the NEET exam must be prepared in the concepts in the NCERT books.

Organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, and physical chemistry are covered in the NCERT books.

As far as chemistry is concerned, NCERT books are the foremost study material to score good marks. Practicing the examples equations and the book back question of NCERT book is mandatory in this preparation.

However, there are also other books to score high marks in the medical entrance chemistry preparation.

  • Physical Chemistry by O P Tandon
  • Arihant Organic Chemistry
  • Concise Inorganic Chemistry by J.D. Lee

these are supplementary books for chemistry preparation in the medical entrance examination. Study materials provided by certain teaching institutions and learning apps are also of high quality with important notes. Chemistry in the NEET exam can be cleared with ease by following these books suggested. 

Strategy and Books to Refer for NEET 2021 Preparation - Physics, Chemistry & Biology

High preference must be given to biology because it covers half of the marks in the question paper. Just like physics and chemistry, it is also mandatory to study 11th and 12th standard NCERT books for biology.

The other prescribed books for biology NEET preparation are

  • 40 Days Biology for NEET- S. Chakravarty
  • Complete NEET guide: Biology by MTG Editorial Board
  • Trueman’s Objective Biology for NEET- M.P Tyagi
  • Pradeep Publication’s Biology
  • Objective Biology by Dinesh
  • Pradeep Publication’s Biology
  • GRB Bathla’s Publications for Biology

Any of these books will help in better NEET exam preparation for biology. During this lockdown period, students can’t go to tuition centers for preparation. Video lectures for NEET preparation are available on YouTube that will help the students study well just by sitting at home.

You can also See Strategies by Toppers :

Apart from studying, taking a regular mock test is also significant to pass the NEET examination.

A healthy diet, clean habits, emotional well-being, and a peaceful environment are also significant for hassle-free preparation for an exam.

NEET exam preparation mostly requires studying 11th and 12th standard books. So if a student aspires to be a doctor, then he/she should start preparing from the school itself. Students need to understand the basics and concepts of physics, chemistry, and biology right from high school.

Some students even prepare NEET exam for 1 or 2 years if they fail on the first attempt. So, by starting the preparation from school, students can avoid the expensive coaching centers that are marketing to make students pass the NEET exam.

It is never too early to start preparing for the medical entrance examination. Hard work and determination will never go in vain. Staying focus on preparation is also a key to crack the medical entrance exam.

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