Blogmint: A platform that connects Brands to Bloggers

Blogmint: A platform that connects Brands to Bloggers

A few Years ago, Blogging was considered as the way to express your feelings or share you knowledge. People enjoyed doing blogging for fun, in their free time. But in recent times, the motto of blogging has certainly changed. Now, It is a very well known career option. People are earning big amounts and the one of the major source of their income is reviews.

But the question is, where from they get all those reviews?

Well, There is a platform Called, which connects Bloggers to Brands.

Blogmint: A platform that connects Brands to Bloggers

As you know, all brands need an Audience to expand and the best way to reach that audience is to connect to Bloggers and ask them to write reviews. Bloggers get money for writing true reviews.

This way Brands can reach different kind of audience of different countries, because reviews will be written by worldwide bloggers and their blog visitors will surely consider using they brand product.

When it comes to bloggers, they will get a simple platform to get Reviews and make income. There is no any other simple way to get reviews, because directly contacting companies will consume time and it is not guaranteed that, they will reply. So, BlogMint is the best option.

Profits from BlogMint-

BlogMint provides sponsor post for bloggers according to their quality of blog . Actually you can see some reviews on my blog which are related to Askme , Thoughtbuzz and many more all i got from blogmint .


1- First of all you need to Bid there to price for your per article and Video.

2- Then they review your site that which price you have written they are best for your or not .

3- After the reviewing your site they will message you regarding your proposal that you have been approved and not and then after they provides you title of post which you need to write your self .

Now, You would be thinking, Why i am saying this?

Well, I am writing this testimonial, after my great experience with Blogmint. Recently, I got many Reviews. So, I decided to write this short post to introduce this platform to you. So, yo can also get benefits out of it. Links of some of those reviews are given below.

So, what you are waiting for? Start using Blogmint, No matter you are a blogger or a brand. Sign Up for Blogmint and Integrate Your Blog.

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