Blogging is About Establishing Good Reputation Online

Blogging is the Latest Trend of this Century. With Everyone Looking to Create a Blog and Write Article it’s Getting very Difficult to Make a Mark on Visitors.
It is very Common that Visitor will come to your Blog to solve his Problem and Leaves once his Problem Solved. Now what if He couldn’t Remember which Site has Helped Him in Solving the Problem.

Actually Majority of the Visitors Don’t Remember the Blog’s Name Unless that Blog has High Reputation and Huge Fan Base.There are Some other Factors Also Like Content Quality , Attractive Brand Name , etc.
But Mainly it’s About Reputation , I can Give My Example in this Topic .

When I was Beginner , I Used to Remember Names of Blogs having High Followers , High Facebook Likes , High Number of Readers but Don’t Remembered any Low Fan Base Blog Names even they Provide good Content.
So , we have to Establish Good Reputation Online, but for that it takes a lot of effort and Hard Work.

How to Build Good Reputation Online?

Brand reputation Can be Established With Following Methods:-

#1 Social Media

Social Media is Most Powerful thing After Google to Get Traffic to your Blog and to make a reputation. Even there are some Blogs Getting High Amount of Traffic from Social Sites than Google Search.With Facebook Having Million’s of Active User’s and Twitter Getting Million’s of New Tweets Daily , it’s Best time to utilize that Crowd of social Media for our Blogs.

Now the Question Arise ” How to Use Social Media Buzz to Generate Traffic and Build Reputation?

This can be Done Creating Fan page of your Blog on Facebook , Twitter , Google+ and Then by Regular Updating. But Updating Daily Could be a Pain so it could be done Using Some Applications , Facebook has Application Named “RSS Graffiti” which Automatic Posting Feature. Twitter can be connected to Feedburner Feed so whenever You Post New Article it Automatically gets Tweeted on Twitter. Learn More here:- How to Use Social Media sites for Blogging

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With Regular Updating it Will Not take Much time for Visitor’s Trusting Your Blog and remembering Name as a Brand providing Quality Content.

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#2 Accurate Information

Providing Accurate Information is most the Effective way to Build Trust Among visitors. Don’t Ever Provide Wrong Information About Any Topic on your Blog , that Wrong Information will the Destroy the reputation of your Blog and Visitor will Never ever Return. So Always do Some Research Before Start Writing.

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#3 Helping Visitor’s

To become a Professional in this Business and to Build High Reputation , You have to Help Every Visitor by Solving his Problem specially whenever he asks Via Comments or Via Email. Always Remain polite , Try and Give Your Best to Solve the Problem. If you Solved Problems of your Visitors then they will become your Permanent Readers and Automatically reputation of Your Blog Will Increase with an increase in Readers.

Now , These three Points are Enough to be Followed and Build Reputation. But It Will Need Lot of Hard Word specially in the Beginning . So Start Creating Quality Content with Accurate Information.

If You had Any Question’s Regarding Any Topic then Don’t Feel Shy To Ask Me .

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