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So, you have heard the Name Blogger? That’s why you are searching for the same. I suppose you are looking to create a blog. If yes, then,you are at right place. Here I will explain everything, including a guide “Make a Blog with Blogspot“. So, let’s start without wasting too much time.

What is Google Blogger?

It is a Free Blog-Publishing Service with a sub-domain of on Google servers. They allow users to create both Private and Public blogs. They don’t have any limitation of topic, but spam is not allowed on this platform. They are one of the best blogging platforms going head to head with WordPress. Both these are fighting for the first place for quite some time. You can read the Comparison post “Blogger -vs- WordPress” for further clarification. As i already told it is a Free service so it will have some limitations which I listed below in an unordered list.

Limitations on Blogspot:-

  • Limited 10GB Photos space.
  • Limited 1MB Post Size.
  • Limited 250k Picture Size.
  • Limited 100 Members per Blog.
  • Limited 100 Blogs per Account.

How to use Blogger as Hosting Service ?

Now days Blogger is one the best blogging platform Because It is Free of Cost and can be used as Free Web hosting Service by Purchasing a Domain Name and by using it with This system works best for Newbies because they don’t have enough money to buy paid hosting in the beginning of their career. So, they can use the Blogspot Hosting service without any worry.

Guide to Make a Blog with Blogspot

#1 Set up a Blog

To setup your new blog on Blogger,you need to login with your Google account and then Click “New Blog”. After clicking at “New Blog”, you just need to add a Title and Address of your new blog. Once every detail entered, It will be done.

#2 Posting Articles

After you successfully created your Blog, you need to write Articles on it. These articles should be self written by you. Google will not allow you to copy. They want totally unique content.

#3 Use 3rd Party template

After you start posting your articles, you should focus on the design of your blog. To do you must use a 3d party Blogger Template because Pre installed templates are not good for SEO. So, that’ why you need 3rd party themes.

So, that’s the end of the short “Make a Blog with Blogspot” guide. Now, I move on to the next point.

How to Make Money with Blogger?

It’s obvious that you want to make money and that’s why you created a Blog. But to do so, you need quality traffic. If you have some traffic coming to your site, then, below are some methods to monetize your Blogger Blog.

#1 Adsense

Google Adsense is the Number Ad Network used millions of Bloggers to monetize their blogs. It allows you to make a lot of money if you have decent traffic.

#2 Other AD Networks

If you don’t wanna use use Adsense for some reason or having some difficulties in account approval,then you can use other AD networks like BuySellAds, Adversal, Chitika, etc.. You can Full List of High Paying Adsense Alternatives.

Note:- You can also make money by getting direct Advertisements from Advertisers but to get there you need to work hard on your blog.

So, that’s it with the this post.  I hope you will make a Good money with your blog. If you still haven’t created, then feel free read “Make a Blog with blogspot” Guide or you can contact Me via comments.

  1. Where is Guide to help me – How to host a domain on Blogger (Blogspot)? please share the full guide to how to host my domain on Blogspot.

  2. Blogger platform is best for beginners but when you come to a stage in blogging blogger wont support our need. WordPress is the ultimate. But if a newbie want to start blogging then he can choose blogger platform.

    Nice post Bro.. Keep doing.

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