5 benefits you get with blog contest / giveaway

You all are aware that nowadays bloggers are organizing more and more contests and giveaways on their blog and on social media. And I am sure you must have participated in any of them at least once.

If you are new into blogging you might be thinking why bloggers are wasting their money giving something free to others. And off course, you also want to whether you should organize any giveaway on your blog or not.

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If these questions are in your mind then don’t worry, I am here to answer them.

Now let me begin with the first question, why bloggers organize a contest?

The answer is because of the benefits it gives to their blog.

Now what are those benefits?

Read on to find out…

5 benefits a contest/giveaway gives to your blog:

Free blog promotion:

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Organizing a giveaway or contest help you promote your blog, that too without paying for it. All you pay is just for the winner’s gift. And if you are able to arrange a sponsor for it, then your promotion is completely free of cost.

Increase in social media followers:

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Giveaways are the best way to increase your social media followers. You ask your participants to hit a like on your Facebook page or follow your blog’s twitter handle and give them a chance to win something. It is really a good deal for both the parties. This is the reason why social media contests are a big hit nowadays.

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Grow blog subscriber list:

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Like your social media followers, you can also increase your blog’s subscribers. Make blog subscription a compulsory or optional rule of entering into the giveaway and grow your subscriber list.

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Rise in blog traffic:

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Arranging blog contest will definitely raise your blog’s traffic, as people will spread its news on social platforms. And there is a good chance that these visitors will become your regular reader due to the quality content you share on your blog. Plus, people will keep an eye on your blog to know about the upcoming giveaways.

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Existing readers will become loyal:

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By giving something to your readers you are thanking them for spending their valuable time on your blog. For your readers getting something extra apart from some quality information is like ‘icing on the cake’. This will make your readers happy and keep them stick to your blog. After all, loyal readers are something which a blogger wants.

Now after reading the above benefits of running a blog contest, I am sure you are convinced to organize one on your blog. Still if you are confused, let me tell you whether you should or shouldn’t.

In my opinion it is good to arrange a giveaway occasionally, like on your blog’s anniversary. For a new blog, it is the best way to promote it and make some followers. Though arranging a sponsor might be difficult if your website is new, but then you can always spend a little money from your pocket to get these benefits.

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So have you ever organized a blog contest? Do you participate actively in blog giveaways?

  1. I just engaged a awesome world, he provides always excellent articles. Never mind, I just covert awesome world from mybloggerworld 😀 .

    Thanks for your kind information

  2. Thanks Fatima for this superb article… Please tell me how to hold contests on blogs i am interested in One for my blog.. hoping for a early reply… keep up thee good work.. cheers

    1. Hi Rajni,

      You can use giveaway.ly to get sponsors for your giveaway.

      And if you are ready to spend yourself then use rafflecopter to manage your giveaway.

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