People get irritated with unwanted  phone calls. Sometime our phone numbers may be leaked by our friends to someone. They continuously call and message us. Getting rid of unknown calls is very easy.Some people don’t know the path to block unwanted call in their android devices. Some old phones don’t even have blocking options in them and the devices which have the blocking option is difficult to find them. It is inside the phone setting option.Today I am going to tell you how to block unwanted calls on your Android device by using some of the features of your phone or by installing call blocking apps from Google play. Blocking method may vary from phone to phone or your Android version.

Ways to Block Unwanted Calls on Your Android Phone

1] Block calls using phone features

a) By using call setting

  • As I told you that no universal blocking path is made for all android phones and tablets. For some devices,  select the phone icon on your device home screen and then click on  call setting and after that click on  my device. After clicking on My Device, blocking mode option will come. Click on blocking mode and then enable blocking incoming call mode.

Call setting >  My device  > Blocking mode  > disable  incoming calls.

  • You can also block specific contacts by  blocking mode on the menu and click on it and then click on allowed contact and select contacts you want to call you when you already disabled all incoming calls in your device.

Blocking Mode  > Allowed contacts > select contacts.

  •  When you want to block specific callers in your android phone then select the phone icon on the home screen of your phone and then  click on  setting and select call option and then all call rejection option. After doing that auto reject list option will come. Click on auto reject list option and then create.

Setting > call  > call rejection  > auto rejection list > create.

b) By using call log

  •  Here you can block specific numbers you want to block. For doing this, select number you want to block and  then click on 3 dot menu icon which is on the right corner and click on  add to reject list.

Selected number  > 3 dot menu  >  add to reject list.

c) By using Google  voice

 It is very easy  to block unwanted numbers by using Google voice. Signing up is important. Go to Google Voice an complete the sign up process by following simple instructions. It provides an added feature to calling that you can view voice  and text messages like emails.

2] Block calls by using  android apps

If you don’t find these blocking ways easy or your phone don’t have blocking option then you can  install various android blocking apps from Google play. Two best free blocking android apps for blocking unwanted number  are:
  •  Call Control – Call Blocker

10 million users used this app to block unwanted calls and text messages. Call control is fully featured call blocker app which is very easy to use. It also blocks text messages. So we can call it text blocker as well. It automatically blocks spam calls when you install this call blocker on your Android phone. Blocked calls don’t ring and it is your choice what to do with  blocked calls. So it is a very powerful call blocker.

  • Mr. Number – Block calls and spam
Mr. number is another amazing free blocking app for Android users. You can block any call and texts from the entire world. Report spam calls  and texts by using Mr. Number blocking app. This app allows you to keep the content of already blocked numbers. Add suspected spam numbers to the blacklist of the app so that it blocks them automatically.
So, these are some ways to Block Unwanted Calls on Your Android Phone. I hope it will help. If you have any confusion, feel free to ask via comments.

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