Android is one of the most preferred mobile operating systems of the world. With Android, having more that half the composition of the world’s smartphone industry, it is quite obvious that there will be quite a few Android gears as well. Now, in case you are a user who possess both an Android Smartphone and an Android gear, you will realize that Smartphone is much better compared to an Android gear, especially when it comes to notifications. The smartphone has comparatively huge memory space than any Android gear and thus you will realize the necessity to have a check on the notifications.Read:-  How To Extend Your Android Wear Battery Life

How to block app notifications in Android Wear

The worst thing with the notifications on your Android gear is that fact that they clog up the display like anything leading to quite a few inconveniences. There are many such applications on your smartphone, whose notifications are not required on your Android gear. Notifications from such applications take up a lot of space as well as time, sometimes leading to a system lag on your android Gear. Thus, it becomes really important to know how to disable the unwanted notifications on your Android gear. To be true, there is no rocket science involved in disabling notifications for your gear. More often than not the issue is that we are unaware of the methods.

How to block unwanted notifications in your Android Wear?

The basic way to do it is to go to all the applications via settings and then disable the notifications for the connected Android gear via App Info. This is the long and an extremely tedious process. But Google has provided a smaller and better solution to the issue. You can use another application to control the notifications, which in turn saves you the job of disabling notifications for every application one by one.
Android Wear application is the app that I am talking about. The application is available in Google Play Store and you can easily download it for free. The best thing about the application is that it allows you to sync your Android smartphone and your Android Gear at ease and to a simplifies the actions to a great extent.

Here is what you need to do:

1. Download Android Wear Application for free from Google Play Store. Click here to download.
2. Once installed, Open the application and select the connected Android wear.
3. Go to the settings and select ‘Block Apps’
4. Now just go through the list of the installed applications on your smartphone and select the applications for which you want to disable the notifications on your Android gear.
5. Even in here you will have to disable notifications for each application separately, but at a much lesser time.
Well, as I said, this is pretty easy. You just need to take some time out of your schedule and get on with the act of disabling notifications for your Android Wear. This will in turn save battery as well as memory of your gear and you will not have to worry about clearing the unwanted notifications.

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