Bing Search Engine Turns Five : Changed a lot Since its Birth

Bing Search Engine Turns Five : Changed a lot Since its Birth

Bing Search Engine Turns Five : Changed a lot Since its Birth

First of All Wish a very Happy birthday to Microsoft Search Engine Bing as it turns Five Year Old. Over this period of time, they improved a lot and Now, they are one of the major search Engines after Google.

Bing For searchers

As I said, it changed a lot since its debut. Now, they provide a wonderful user experience. The search results are perfect as it was not when they started because it was obvious that you can’t get perfect in the beginning of your work. A few years ago searches may have to deal with some spam results, but now, spam is totally removed from Bing search and you can enjoy solving your Problems.

Bing For Webmasters

It’s been a revolution for webmasters. In the beginning not so much webmasters are interested using Bing because of the fact they can’t receive too much of traffic, but now, it can send huge Number of traffic and that’s why every webmaster and blogger is looking Optimize their sites for  Bing Search Engine.  Especially those who have sites targeting US, CANADA Audience.

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How to Rank High on Bing Search Engine?

Now, We take a look at last Five years.

How Bing Changed Since its Birth?

In 2009

It was just a tiny search engine looking to provide the best user experience. At that time they focused on Heath and travel with their intelligent search tool as in the beginning they don’t wanna show only few results. So, that’s why they only focused some categories and then lately with some success they continued increasing reach

In 2010

That time Bing was one year old and also 2010 was the year when Social media was very powerful with so much of daily active users. So, that was the time when Bing shake hands with Major Social Sites Facebook and Twitter to index some of the important content shared on those sites. It ended up giving a big boost to this search Engine.

In 2011

2011 was the year when Mobiles devices getting popular to access internet. So, Bing was very quick to see the change and they optimized search engine for mobile users also. They also introduced some Apps for making search easier for Mobile users.

In 2012

In 2012 they introduced three column search Results which was a big a change. They Introduced, Main Column for main organic results, second column for Entities and third column for social results making it very easy for users to understand what they want.

In 2013 & 2014

In 2013 Bing was the one of the best search Engines as it is now. They understand the importance of Digital Media and introduced it very quickly in their search criteria. That’s why are at the top position and many more to come in the upcoming years. Meanwhile, you can Read Celebration Article by Bing where you can read more about year by year changes in this search Engine.

Google or Bing?

Which search Engine you are using to solve your problems? Let us know via comments. And also don’t forget to wish Bing a Very Happy birthday.

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