How and Why Bing Replaces your Webpage Title

Bing Replaces your Webpage Title

You may have commonly seen your Webpage titles changed in Bing search. It may be irritating for Webmasters because it takes hours of Keyword research to select the perfect Title for your Post and Bing takes only seconds to show their own Title on your Post.

Bing Replaces your Webpage Title

Did you ever think Why this happens? Why Bing Replaces Your Webpage Title?

Yes, Ofcourse, You must have thought this many times and tried to know the reason. But unfortunately, you didn’t get the Answer. But Now, don’t worry, Bing recently explained why they make changes to your Title in a special post on their Blog. After Reading that Post I decided to explain this Topic to my audience. If you wanna read that post, the Link will be available at the end of this Article.

So, let me explain the Reason “Why Bing Replaces Your Webpage Title?“.

As you know Google has some rules about showing the Title in search, Bing also has quite similar rules, but with some alterations. So, firstly I point out some goals Bing keeps in Mind while displaying Titles (as explained by Bing)

  1. They Optimize Title according to User Query in search to increase CTR. They alter Keywords or phrases to match the exact query of the User.
  2. They also Optimize snippet displayed in every search result to help users validate content.
  3. The Permalink of Post is also Optimized to help Users Validate Content.

So, it’s quite clear that Bing wants to provide an exact result based on users query. Let’s take an example of “How Bing Replaces Your Webpage Title?”

Suppose a user searching for “Blogging Tips“.

But your Webpage has a Title Like this “Effective Tips to Rank your Blog – Blogging Tips

So, instead of showing the same Title, Bing will change it and show like this ” Blogging Tips – Effective Tips to Rank your Blog“.

So, It will provide a good user experience as the Title will always be relevant to the query of the User. But They advised many things to make sure Title remains the same in search. Take a close look at all those points mentioned.

  1. Make sure you choose the Title relevant to popular queries and also avoid common titles like “Home”, “About Us”, instead use something descriptive but short.
  2. Make sure you correct the Entries, if your site is listed in directories like
  3. They also advise not to block Bing Crawler or Bot. It will certainly have bad effects on Title shown in search. If you block their Bot, then, there are chances it will only show main Heading of your Website without showing any Keywords.
  4. Make sure to correct all details, if you embed Open Graph.
  5. Avoid Using same Title for multiple Pages.

So, these are some Tips help you maintain the same Title in the search. If you wanna Read More about the same, I will advise you to read Bing Official Blog post.

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  1. Well bing is also a great search engine but I never used it. I guess it will surely hit more popularity in coming days.


    1. Yes Dave, In future it will surely get popularity and it will drive huge traffic to our blogs.

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