Bidvertiser Review – Pay Per Click Advertising Network

Bidvertiser Review - Pay Per Click Advertising Network

For the last few weeks, I have been on the hunt. I have been hunting various advertising networks and reviewing them to find out which one is best. So, today I will be Reviewing Bidvertiser Pay Per Click Network. This company is well known in this field, but mainly publishers use them on download or streaming websites, not on genuine sites. This is my personal experience. I have only seen this network on sites where Adsense cannot be used. So, I decided to go in depth of this company and know the reason behind, which you will know after reading this review.

What is Bidvertiser ?

It is an advertising company working and Competing with other ad networks since 2003. They have Pay-per-click scheme to pay their publishers. But the Rates they pay are slightly lower. So, a website using this company as the primary income source must need huge traffic to earn big. So, that’s the reason why only few genuine blogs are using it as primary, but sites offering software’s, movies, etc. are really loving this network, because advertisements of this company match their needs, CTR remains high. So, low paying rates mean nothing to them, because they make huge money due to high CTR.

So, what you are thinking, are you going to read this full review? Yes, Of Course, because this is not that much bad company as you are thinking now, Read the rest of the article to know more.

How Bidvertiser Works?

As I said, It is a PPC network offers many different types of advertisements like Buttons, Banners, Inline ads and Skyscrapers.
Bidvertiser also offers a Toolbar that can be customized. That Toolbar allows viewers to search and see sponsored advertisements.This way your Earnings can increase. You can Promote your toolbar on your website to increase Traffic and Revenue.

How to Sign Up?

The Signing up with Bidvertiser is very easy process as you just have to fill a simple form and there is no approval process you will just need to confirm your email and then you can paste HTML code provide by this company in your Website and Start Earning Money. But make sure, you fill all details correctly in the form.

Positives About Bidvertiser:-

  1. They have an Immediate account approval process.
  2. Placing advertisements on your website and Customization of ads in easy.
  3. Provides a customizable toolbar to increase earnings.
  4. Wider Availability of ad sizes.
  5. Publishers can place many ads as they want on their webpages.

Negatives About Bidvertiser:-

  1. Advertisements are Not Relevant to Your Content Sometimes, especially on sites which are not related to download, stream, etc..
  2. PPC Rates are Quite Low. So it will take a lot of traffic to make lucrative Income.
  3. Reporting System is old version type system as it doesn’t provide any detailed information about Impressions and clicks.

Bidvertiser Payment Method?

They Pay Via Following Methods:-

  1. Wire Transfer (Minimum $500)
  2. PayPal (Minimum $10)
  3. Skrill (Minimum $10)
  4. Cheque (Minimum $100)

If Publishers Earnings not Reached Minimum Payment Threshold then that money will be carried into the Next Month Earnings and you will be Issued a Payment when Your account reach the Minimum Threshold.

Adsense -vs- Bidvertiser

Well, frankly talking, I will not compare this company to Adsense and will never ever call this as one of the best Adsense alternatives. The main reason behind this is, the low PPC Rates and also, not suitable for all types of websites, because adverts are not related.

Note:- This Network can be used as supplementary income in conjunction with Adsense, but remember their some Advertisements look similar to Google’s. So, always keep a close on it to avoid any clash with Adsense.

So, that’s it from my side. Now, it’s your turn to share your views about Bidvertiser?

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