Top 4 Best Navigation Apps for iPhone (iOS)

Navigation Apps for iPhone

Recently we mentioned top Android Apps for Call and SMS Blocking & Best VPN Services for Android to help our readers increase online security and avoid spam. This time we are going with Best Navigation Apps for iPhone. But before mentioning applications, we will discuss something about iOS.

As you know, Android and iOS are fierce Competitors. So, they always try their best to beat each other. But frankly talking both are different because android has their own fans and iOS have their own. For Example, I am a Big Fan of iOS so I never use any Samsung or Nokia Smartphones.

Now, coming back to the Point, Navigation Apps are really Important for our Smartphones. It can help you find your journey in an unknown place. You will never feel lost in any country, in any city if you have your Smartphone with Navigation Application.

Recently, Apple also provided Maps but many users are not happy with them. They wanna use some other Good Apps for Navigation Purpose. But it is not an easy task to find Alternatives for Apple maps. So, here we created a shortlist of them. You can select any of them according to your needs. Some of them provide just basic features, whereas some are filled with premium features.

Top Navigation Apps for iOS (iPhone)

Navigation Apps for iPhone

#1 Waze

It is a Popular iPhone / iPad Application for Navigation which not only allows users to find places using this App But also allows them to report things. It works Two Ways, firstly it receives reports from Drivers and secondly, anyone can report whatever he /She encounters on the road. This is a totally Free App to use, you can also download it on iTunes. A very Worthwhile for every user with premium features without paying any money.

#2 Google Maps

Google Maps is another highly Rated App for iPhone. You may have used this on Android Smartphones, it’s quite similar here. It’s a premium Application with exciting features which enables you to view county, city, village places in the Map or Street View. You can’t get the better app than this one for Navigation.

#3 Trapster

Trapster, another premium App, not only helps you in Navigating places but also give you locations of police placements near you. It can be a useful application for Drivers. For some Additional Features, it also allows you to report anything, an Accident, Live Police, Traffic Jam, Red Light, Construction zone, etc.. A must download App for you if you want a multi-feature navigation Application on your iPhone.

#4 Scout GPS, Maps, Voice Navigation & Traffic

Another Free App is improving Navigation Experience. This application is much faster than others and allows you to use the Zoom feature more effectively. It also provides Voice Guidance which can be very useful while driving. So, a must wanted App for you.

These are the best Navigation Apps for iPhone (iOS) which you can use. Let us know your choice in the comment section. If you have any other Application for this purpose, then, don’t forget to share the Name of that App in the comments.


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