Top 6 Best Music Apps for iPhone (iOS)

Top 6 Best Music Apps for iPhone (iOS)

Music is like a body part of human beings. Everyone loves music, you will rarely see an individual who doesn’t love it. Many Guys and Girls just put headphones in their Ears and jump around, no matter they are happy or sad. In any situation, Music is there to help control your emotions or make you happier.

Now, Where you like to hear Music? Some like to hear on Desktops, but the majority hears on Smartphones. Even I also hear on My iPhone. So, that’s why I am going to Share Best Music Apps for iPhone (iOS). Because feature Rich applications is not an easy task for everyone. So, I have made it easier for you. Just Select your favorite App and Download on your iPhone.

Top Music Apps for iPhone (iOS)

#1 Shazam

shazam music app for iphone

Shazam is one of the older well known Music App. It is available for both iOS and Android smartphones. They are full of rich Features. One of my favorite features is that it allows us to find information about a specific song. It commonly happens to everyone that we like the song we are hearing, but can’t know the Artist or Album Name. So, Shazam can help you find by matching Audio Tag with Online songs available in their library. It also allows you to save that tag, in case you don’t have an Internet connection available and then, use it later to identify a song.

#2 Beats Music


One of the best App for Music Lovers. It provides premium features free and also a Paid version ($9.99). They have millions of songs available for users. It has one of the best features which provide the best song according to your location and mood. So, a must need Application for you.

#3 Soundhound


This App is getting popular day by day in the music arena. Its working is like Shazam. You can get the lyrics, Title, and Artiste of any Song which you hear on TV or Radio. One of the best Applications I have ever seen. You must give it a try.

#4 Pandora


It is an Internet Radio which allows you to hear your favorite song by typing Name of that song or Article Name. It will also create a station according to your Information. So, Must have Application for Your iPhone.

#5 Songza


Another great app who plays music according to users Mood. It has the best premium features which you rarely see in any Music Application. But with these features, it also has drawbacks. This App can only be used in the US or Canada due to licensing issues. So, users from outside countries can not use this Application.

#6 Spotify


Spotify allows you to access millions of songs via the radio station in two different ways. Either you can be a free User and use basic features or you can become a premium user (by paying $10) and get extraordinary features. Another Quality Application you must download on your iPhone (In case you want to upgrade your iPhone here are some deals).


So, these are top Music Apps for iOS (iPhone). Select any of them according to your needs and don’t forget to mention the Name of Application you selected in the Comment section Below.

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