10 Best Last Mile Delivery Software in 2021

Last Mile Delivery Software

As the times have changed so does every area and every field. With everything moving online, the delivery has the biggest role to play. Especially last-mile delivery. Last-mile delivery begins when the product dispatch from the hub and ends when the customer receives their product.

It’s a very crucial step in the shipping process and usually costs a lot. Hence having effective management software to cut down all the extra costs and meet the on-demand same-day delivery is necessary. Let’s dive into the 10 best last-mile delivery software that offers the right solution for every last-mile problem.

10 Best Last Mile Delivery Softwares


10 Best Last Mile Delivery Software in 2021

LOGINEXT mile is a very powerful technology that has come up and proved its value at times of pandemic. Their last-mile delivery system is the best and contains many resources that will aid in your delivery.

They provide highly configurable last-mile delivery and dispatch management software. It promises to reduce the last-mile delivery cost to up to 20%.

  • Real-time ETA calculation.
  • Delivery route planning visualization.
  • Interactive planning dashboard.
  • Dynamic re-route.
  • Hardware agnostic platform.


10 Best Last Mile Delivery Software in 2021

The confidence in covering all problems of last-mile delivery can be placed upon GSMtasks. They are the leading error-free last-mile delivery software for any business. The best thing about GSMtasks is its user-friendly interface.

Whether it’s the driver, the company or the customer, everyone’s need are catered very carefully in a way it brings peace to all. They are the leading software that can meet up to the modern world’s expectations.

  • App for drivers which are induced with best route planning
  • Ensure task completion by mobile and pc planning at your fingertips.
  • automatic updates on a recurring task reduce back-office work.
  • Easy real-time tracking for customers


10 Best Last Mile Delivery Software in 2021

Onfleet is the most preferred and the best last-mile delivery companies that are around the world. The technology with which it understands the last mile delivery problem and keeps the fight up with the changing times and demands is astonishing.

With their route optimization engine alone they have improved 50% of delivery capacity. They are the giants in this area. The complete toolkit for last-mile delivery by Onfleet is so wholesome that it covers all processes with its carefully integrated technology.

  • Cut off gas cost and long route with its perfect route planning management.
  • Reduction in service time and labor cost with its auto dispatching technology.
  • mobile application assisted proof of delivery.


10 Best Last Mile Delivery Software in 2021

We can laud the company for the intelligent technology solutions it has bought to the world. One of the best reasons to choose Bringoz is because of its coverage in the first, middle as well as last-mile delivery process.

It is a SaaS-based logistics platform with innovative solutions and technology in hand. They also have a growing list of industries that they are serving. For example, automotive, general retail, grocery, CPG, etc.

  • Best planning, scheduling, and optimization to tackle one demand same-day delivery
  • to handle unexpected demand and peak times, they have real-time adjustments and rerouting plans.


Speed? Cost? Convenience? Bringg covers it all. Bringg unifies your delivery and fulfillment offerings by efficiently connecting your supply chain system with internal and their partly fleets – all on a single platform. The key feature being their self-scheduling mechanism which allows the customer to choose their convenient time for pickup/delivery.

  • Return and reverse logistics
  • Alternative pick up and drop off service along with locker delivery.
  • Provide in-store and curbside pickup


Tookan offers a fully personalized end-to-end field management solution. It offers a very smart delivery system that offers many features that are on-demand at this crucial timeline.

They have a very clever management plan like agent app, customer app, and mobile workforce dashboard. They have powerful integration that extends the functionalities of your business app and software in minutes.

  • Regulate safer communication with your customer.
  • Supervise cash management system
  • Powering all business-like beauty services, restaurants, health, and well-being, etc.


Onro is known for its specialized featured that cater to the needs of businesses. They tailor their features in order to meet the demand of business as well as their customer. They provide a very satisfactory delivery software.

Onro enabled automated delivery software through its products like client all, driver app, dispatcher panel, and admin panel. They also seem to provide white label solutions and have various custom languages for universal availability.

  • Optimize and manage your delivery with real-time tracking, resource allocation, and cost reduction.
  • With the help of their app, it is made easier to manage requested, estimate driver arrival time, and enable real-time chat with the driver.


Scurri empowers the e-commerce section with its delivery management software in order to connect all the delivery stages in such a way that it can provide a very hassle-free process. Since it has been ruling the commerce area, Scurri has made a name for itself and the key feature is its customer satisfaction.

  • Scurri provides affordable, fast, and memorable delivery.
  • Offers easier, hassle-free, effective, and adaptable delivery.

Smart consigns

With so many competitions within and changes in demands of the customers with time has made Smartconsign the best choice for last-mile delivery management.

They offer multi-carrier management software which is fast and scalable. Their technology development is top-notch and offers no prior training to navigate into it. With their network reaching so wide and being too intertwined, Smartconsign boosts last-mile performance.

  • Shipping automation and shipping integration
  • Offers real time visibility.


This is very different from the ones listed above but it does deserve to be mentioned. It covers all the needs of field service.

This is a mobile-friendly approach to have a better last-mile experience on the go. It is helpful for small, medium enterprises to manage their performances smoothly. AllGeo connects ERP, CRM, API, and payroll.

  • Apps and platforms to empower field service.
  • They have managed over 50,000 devices worldwide.

Last-mile performance is necessary for pleasant customer satisfaction. This process can make a business or break it. Hence having effective software to tackle all these needs are very important.

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