Top 10 Best Free Android Games 2019

Top 10 Best Free Android Games

As android devices are increasing day by day. People buy android phones and tables rather than window phones and Symbian and the reason behind their popularity is they are one of the best operating system which is very easy to use. On Google play you can download one of the best amazing games. There are so many games which are free to download and play.


Top 10 Best Free Android Games

Now, I am going to show you top 10 best free android games which are very interesting and stand out. These are:

1. Angry Birds

It is most popular iOS game. It got 2 million downloads in the first week of  availability on android.
It is a great game to play. It has many stages which can be cleared with logic and skills. It’s android version is free. Destroy pigs by using different powers of different birds. Purchase mighty eagle, if you stuck in the game. Mighty eagle  gives you unlimited use in the game

Angry Birds

2. Plants vs Zombies

This game is one of my favorite game. It is a very popular game. Its second part Plants vs Zombies 2 is also released. In this game,  hordes of incoming zombies will try to enter our tower and we have to fight against them by using plants and shrubs as our defender. These plants kill an army of different types of zombies.

Plant vs Zombies

3. Temple Run 2

It is runner game. Temple Run 2 game movie rights have been sold to Hollywood by its developers.
It is a very interesting type of game. Here you have to run as long as possible and avoid obstacles which will come during the path. One monkey creature is behind you and try to capture you and you have to run fast.

Temple Run 2

4. Abduction

Abduction is very small and sweet  jumping game. There is a little platform for playing this game. It is a simple game which is played with a single hand. You can’t argue with cute cows and penguins.


5. Jewels

It is a match 3 game on android. Here you have to win jewels stars and clear levels of the game. Try to get all the jewels stars in each stage. When you eliminate jewels quickly, you will get extra points as reward. This game has more than 360 levels. Match 3 or more similar jewels and they will disappear and when jewels reach the last line, your level is passed.


6. Dungeon Archer

It is an  archer action game for middle age. In this game,you are playing the role of an archer who is trying to collect germs for increasing his score. Archer is sitting on the fast running horse. If you collect colored magnets, you can increase the speed of your horse.

Zombies will come into the dungeon and kill them while running so that you can survive in the game. No connectivity is required to play this addictive 3D game. If you die in the game, you can save your life just by clicking  on ‘save me option’.

7. Cestos 2: Party Time

It is the first multi-player game on android. Battle with anyone and anywhere in the game just by chucking marbles at each other. By doing this, you can drop down balls of the others and make them out of the zone. Play this game and unlock new features and be the last men standing in the game.

8. Gem Miner

In this game, dig mines to find ores, gems and metals from the ground. Sell these discoveries and buy upgrades like lifts, torches,supports, ladders and improved gears. By this you can dig deeper the mine.Don’t let yourself stuck down the mine. In this game, every level is different.

Gem Miner

9. Clash of Gangs

It is an action packed 3D combat  strategy game. Make your way to the top of the underworld by building your army of soldiers, bosses and military grade choppers. Send your soldiers on the deadly missions. Become reputed biggest and baddest crew in the town by defending yourself  and build your base by making perfect gangs.

Clash of Gangs

10. Drag Racing

Participate in races on mad speeds. Drive your car at mad speed and leave your opponents behind. You can pick your car of your choice in the game. This game includes every car option to drive in the race like BMW M3 or classic 69′ Mustang. You can also race against your friends and beat them. Racing with 9 real time competitors at once is available.

Drag Racing

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So It was little collection of Top 10 Games for Android user , yeah! i build this list as per public choice on Google Play store and as well as these are very famous having positive review. I hope you like it, bookmark our website for more tips related to Android & Technology.

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