Comparison Between the best Email Marketing Platform

If you are an internet marketer you surely understand the value of email marketing, also you will understand the benefits of email marketing. Well if you are not yet aware of email marketing and its benefit let me share you some points which are very important.

Few weeks back when I was looking at some blogs which were making 6 figure incomes every month. I was trying to understand, what are the exact things that blog has that makes them that huge amount of money every month constantly. I start looking over their search engine rankings, is the search engine ranking that help them to keep making money constantly?? But it was strange that there were many blog which were doing almost the same thing it was not making enough money as those blogs. But the main difference between those blog was that the blog making 6 figure income was know very well with lots of email subscribers and trust from the users. Whereas other blogs were ranking on Google, but they were having lower trust and smaller number of email subscribers list.

The one who has the maximum mailing list introduces new products to his huge list of subscriber’s which helps a lot in making good conversion. Not only this, but we can always use it as a medium to connect with our readers. Leaving the email marketing behind would be just like, missing out one of the biggest platform that can grow your business.

GetResponse Vs MailChimp Vs Aweber Vs Constant Contact:

We are going to point out some important factors in email marketing that may be helpful for users, and which email marketing platform is the best one:

Comparison Between the best Email Marketing Platform: GetResponse Vs MailChimp Vs Aweber Vs Constant Contact.

Pricing of the different email platform:

All the platforms come at completely different pricing, including free plans provided by all the email marketing service providers.

  • Aweber is one of the reputed and mostly used email marketing platform, but when it comes to pricing it looks costly if compared to others charging 29$ for 2500 subscribers. Aweber is considerable because of its very good service provided for the users.
  • Constant Contact is the most costly out of all the service providers which charges 20$ for 500 subscribers, however the service provided by Constant contact is satisfactory.
  • Mailchimp premium subscription plan is quiet costly but cheaper than Aweber and Constant contact charging 25$ for 2000 subscribers. Premium service provided by mailchimp is good as compared to free service.
  • GetResponse is the cheapest platform which provides professional services at cheapest price with maximum features enabled in it. GetResponse charges approximately 25$ only for 2500 subcribers. GetResponse is one of those platform which provides best service and support for free users also without any credit card. It also in

Free Trial:

Let’s compare which platform provides the best free trial.

  • Aweber earlier doesn’t provides any free trial earlier but they used to provide 1$ trial for first month. But recently they had enabled the 1 month free trial for all new customers, which one can use by just entering credit card details.
  • Constant Contact is provides 60 days free trial which has limitation, which will be stopped after 100 replies or 60 days of free campaign without any credit card. It is not sufficient enough and it requires you to upgrade for the premium service.
  • MailChimp is another good option for small business holders which allow you to add 2000 email subscribers and mail them up to the 12000 mails. However, the disadvantage is that you don’t get the support from the expert team and they don’t provide auto responder for the free users.
  • GetResponse also provides 1 month free trial without any credit card, which includes 250 subscribers, support, guidelines, Auto responder and complete features which you get as an premium customer for free.


Support is one of the most important factors which we all need while getting confused with something or when we face problem. It is the main role of support team comes in the play, here all the company are trying their best to support their users in all possible ways and find out different way to support their customers.

All are equally good in support but Get response has provided live chat option along with email support and also kept university for clients where they can learn more about email marketing. Aweber, Mailchimp and constant contact has also provided quick email support for users but I liked the live chat from GetResponse.

Step By Step Guide:

All tools provides step by step guide for customers to understand how does tool exactly works and how to use it exactly. But GetResponse has done amazing job by providing free eBook for building up successful email marketing list and also free webinars for users.

Not only that it also includes free university where one can join and learn lot more things about email marketing and GetResponse, overall which none of the platform provide.


Templates are the main tool that helps in converting your readers into customers hence it is very important to have very responsive and appealing templates that converts. All the platforms provide very good templates for users but I personally like aweber’s and GetResponse templates if compared. Below are some screenshots of GetResponse Templates.

getreponse templates 1 getreponse templates 2 getreponse templates 3


Overall I would prefer choosing GetResponse over all other platform, because of extra features that adds up lots of values and includes all necessary points which one internet marketer requires to use the platform correctly. Along with the quality of product we do require a quality support team who may be able to help us at the time whenever we need them. GetResponse is complete email marketing tool overall and ready to boost up your business.

Thank you so much for reading, please share your thoughts about the review. What you feel about the review and which is the best platform according to you. Share your points below.

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  1. It is a net explaination of Comparision between email marketing and other sites. Iam using mailchimp because they were providing free service to the new subscribers. We can enjoy various features in mailchimp. I always recommend mailchimp.

  2. Thanks Atinder for sharing this awesome post.
    actually i am also a blogger and love to do internet marketing and email marketing is always 1st choice of a marketer .
    So thanks for writing about best email marketing platform.!

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