Best Apps & Websites for Indian Railways Travelers

Official IRCTC Connect app

Well, As we all know, Indian Railways has the most number of travelers in our country or I should say, they Indian railways is the number one, when it comes to mode of travels.

So, considering a huge number of travelers want to perform different kind of actions, like Book tickets, check available seats, check station status, Check PNR status, etc., they will require number of apps or websites to perform these actions.

But to find these apps and website, which are easy to use, will be difficult for those, who are not tech geeks.

So, for all those travelers, I am writing this post, which consists, best apps and websites list to perform various action related to Indian railways.

#1 Official IRCTC Connect app

Official IRCTC Connect app

IRCTC’s Official Android App is the first ever application, you should have on your smartphone. Once you download, you will be able to create accounts on IRCTC, book tickets, cancel tickets and perform various other actions with ease.

You can download this application from Google Play Store.

#2 Check PNR Status Only Website & App

Check PNR Status Only Website

I have gone through many websites online, which enables you check your ticket status or I should say, PNR status, and from all those, I found this one the easiest to use with good loading speed.

You can check this website here:- or can download App from Google Play Store to Check Train Running Status or PNR Status.

#3 ixigo Indian Rail &Trains

ixigo indian rail & trains

This is Another Application, which you will surely love to have as it perform almost all the actions, which you need before or while traveling in Indian railways.

Below are some features of this app.

  • Train Live Status
  • Search Trains available between two stations
  • Get Train Names and numbers
  • Find Seats
  • 2500+ Trains real-time availability
  • Get Train Routes

You can download this application from Google Play Store.

So, that’s it. These are the websites or Apps, which you surely put your hands on to make your journey easy.

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