You’ve taken every calculable decision to boost your revenue; still, something stops you from reaching the set business goal at the end of every month. 

If this is you, consider taking a look at your monthly energy expenses. Energy conservation is a new trend amongst entrepreneurs of this generation, looking for an environmentally sustainable approach. 

Making small and easy resolutions will not only support the atmosphere but also lessen your overhead. Hairdressing is one such industry that uses the most energy-intensive appliances.

Fortuitously, by saving cash on annual power bills, you have a fair chance of making more profits without impacting the customer’s experience.

Let’s dig into five energy-efficient solutions you can use to leverage your beauty business.

1. Doing Salon Laundry

Maintaining salon hygiene is the most critical step to build client trust. But while frequently washing your salon clothes is necessary, the act increases your daily energy consumption. 

If you’re trying to combat high Pittsburgh Electricity Rates, it helps to do your salon laundry at a cooler temperature rather than on a hot wash to limit energy waste. 

Also, switch your old water heater with an instant water heating system. It gives an unending hot water supply when needed and stops working automatically when not in use.

2. Organize Your Lighting System

Do not neglect the lighting arrangement of your salon. Small changes can make a big difference. With energy-saving lighting options like LEDs and CFLs available in the market, you can install them to reduce power bills. 

They last longer than standard bulbs, thus will save you a lot of cash in the long run. However, many salon owners believe they are not fit for the working area.

No doubt, beauty shops require bright lights for clear visibility in order to offer the best service. Hence, choose suitable areas for these lights that don’t get in the way of your work and save you loads of money!

5 Simple Ways That The Beauty Business Can Cut Down On Energy Costs

Some spots that you can consider placing these energy-efficient bulbs include your front desk, waiting area, spa room, storage room, and outdoors.

Besides, you and your crew need to make a habit of turning off lights in vacant rooms and areas! Opt for smart motion-triggered lights that automatically switch off if they detect no traffic in the room for a specific period.

Additionally, you can rely on natural light in the daytime by setting client-centered spaces near windows or install skylights in your salon for more daylight. 

This green initiative will further offer adequate ventilation to your place, reduce the use of heating and cooling devices in your salon, and lower your power bills!

3. Maintain Your Water Heater

18% of your electricity is consumed by your water heater. Cranking the water tank thermostat down by a few degrees will cut down energy costs.

Try setting it at 120 °F and add a mixing valve, so the temperature of the water right off the tap does not scald you.

5 Simple Ways That The Beauty Business Can Cut Down On Energy Costs

Additionally, regular maintenance of your boiler guarantees its optimal functioning and lowers energy expenditure in your salon in the long run. Therefore, you must hire a professional to service your boiler regularly. 

Ultimately, you’ll witness a drastic drop in your annual salon heating bill.

4. Regulate Heating And Cooling Systems

Hairdressers require the usage of various heating appliances throughout the day, making the place warm. As a result, it is challenging to get the right temperature in your salon. 

So, you have to use the heating and cooling system smartly. Set the thermostat to about 77 °F in summer and 64-68 °F in the winter season.

Plus, you can save up to 15% on your heating bill for every degree you lower your heating system. Hence, also reduce your thermostat by 1-2 °F and save a few bucks on energy bills daily.

5 Simple Ways That The Beauty Business Can Cut Down On Energy Costs

Likewise, be mindful of air conditioning that can hit your energy bill hard. Try to open windows and doors wherever possible, and turn on the air conditioner only when the temperature goes above 77 °F. 

Most importantly, do not run heating and cooling systems simultaneously and switch off the air conditioner when the room is vacant.

Lastly, installing high Energy Star appliances in your salon will cut your expenses down dramatically. 

An old air conditioner or heater could consume unnecessary power if not working at its maximum efficiency. Ultimately, it costs you more money each month. 

So, change your decade-old heating and cooling system with higher-rated energy-efficient models as soon as possible.

5. Apply For Cost-Effective Electricity Plans

Despite following all the power-saving hacks in your salon, are your monthly energy bills still burning a hole in your pocket? Then perhaps it’s time to reconsider your electricity rate plan. 

Your energy provider may be charging way more than you should be paying. So, finding a better energy rate plan will prove to be your best strategy, especially with high Corpus Christi Electricity Rates.

Many states across the USA provide customized electricity rates. You can also find a more reasonable supplier in your area to accommodate your business prerequisites and save on electricity bills. 

Invest the time to research and understand how you could be saving yourself from high electricity bills. You can even discuss your energy plan rates by reaching out directly to the electricity supplier of your area.

Based on what price you are currently charged, and how much electricity you consume, changing your energy supplier can save you hundreds of dollars every year!

In A Nutshell

Saving electricity in your salon might seem like an impossible hurdle initially. However, a sustainable strategy in any business can be beneficial in the long run, both financially and environmentally. 

If it is too overwhelming, take baby steps to start making changes in your daily habits. After all, it’s the steps before the strides that make all the difference. Over time, you will see a tremendous drop in energy bills.

You can initiate the go-green process by contacting your retail electric provider to know the available plans. Similarly, check the plans available for your location and choose the one that best meets your budget.

Being mindful of your power usage comes free, however, and only demands attention from you and your staff. Commit to these energy-saving guidelines and make them part of your salon work environment.

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