Backup Feedburner Email List to Become Smart Blogger

In the Beginning of this Article I wanna Tell You a Story About My Friends carelessness Where he Lost his Little List of Emails and then Left Blogging .
This was Not a Long time Ago . I think About 12 Months Ago One of My Good Friend Started Blogging on my Advice as he had lots of Free Time After Doing his Graduation. I Advised Him to Start Blogging Until he finds an appropriate Job for Himself.

That Time he Started Blogging With WordPress and Got Going in About 3 Months Having Decent Traffic Not from Google But from Facebook and Blog Commenting. I didn’t want to Share All Story Because it could Take lot of Time so I will come Quickly to the Point when He Accumulated a Tiny Email List of Active Readers. I was surprised to See Him Getting Decent Success Without the Help of Search results.

After 6-7 Months of Carrier he was Happy with Part Time Blogging because his Only Aim was to Help People’s in Medicine Field. But then a Time Come When he wanted to Delete his Gmail Account I Don’t Know Why. But Accidentally He Deleted His Full Google Account which deleted All Services Associated With that Account Including Feedburner Email List which deleted his Million Dollar Email list.

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Now What Happen Next, He Got a Job in Medicine Company and he then Left Blogging because He Got So irritated that it Taken A Lot of Hard work to Build Vital Email List but it’s taken Milliseconds to get deleted. Then He Deleted his Free Blog Because getting Email List Again was very Difficult. That could taken Again 4 to 6 Months.

What I wanna Tell You With this Story is Don’t Become Careless. If You Want To Become Professional in this Business then Think Smarter and Take Quick Steps.
I Am Talking About Your Email List Here. What If You Also Loose your Important Feedburner Email List or List of Emails From Any other Service. I have Seen Many Other Cases on this Topic. So Always Backup Your Important Things Specially Your Email List if You are a Blogger.

So Today We are sharing a method to Safe Guard Your Email Subscription List. I Mean Backup Feedburner Email List. This Topic Won’t be a New One for those who are in this Field From many Years But New Comers Might Not have Focused on this Topic. So I have Written a Simple Step by Step Guide to Teach

How to Backup Feedburner Email List?

#1 Open Feedburner Website and Login With Your Credentials.

#2 You Will See List of Email Subscriptions of your Different Blogs. Click at List which You Want to Backup.

#3 Now Click at “Publicize” as Shown in Screenshot Below:-

#4 Now in the Left Side You Will See Many Options. Click at “Email Subscription”.

#5 It Will Open a New Page Where Some More Options Might Appear. Then Click at  “Subscription Management” 

#6 Now Scroll Down on the Subscriber Management Page and Find “View Subscriber Details”. Then Click on it.

#7 After Clicking at “Views Subscriber Details” You Will Find Two Options. Click at “Export CSV” and It Will Ask you to Save a CSV File on your System. Save that File in Your Computer and You are Done.

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You have Successfully Backed up Your Email Subscription List. I Recommend to Do Backup After Short period of Time According to Blog increase in readers. Also, there are Some Instances that Google Can Shutdown Feedburner. I Can not Say it Confidently But It Can Happen or it can be rumors. But It’s Always Better to Play Safe. Remember Email List is Everything For You. It has More Value than Search Result Traffic Because they are All those Readers who Actually Want You to Share Knowledge with them. They Don’t go on Google to Read Something . They Come on Your Blog to Read Something New. So Backup Your Email List and Chill. Later, if You Need, You can use this Downloaded File on other Email Marketing Tools to Provide your Subscribers All News Updates of your Blog.

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