Axill Ad Network Review with Payment Proof (Scam)

Note (24-07-2014):-  This Axill Review was written way back in 2013 mid and then drafted due to some reason and again publish in Feb 2014 with some updates. But this note is the latest update on this Ad network. There are many complaints about this Ad network regarding their ad inventory, CPM, and many other things. So, it’s strictly advised not to use this network on your Website or blog. You may be wasting your valuable time.

Is it a Scam or legit?

I am not sure about this, but according to users and according to recent feedback I got from my readers, it’s a big scam, but again I am not 100% sure. So, it depends on you, play safe or try it. I will appreciate if you comment with your experience if you already used this ad network in your past. It may help many others.

Also, Payment proof shown below is an old one. So, I will advise my readers to Use any of top 16 AD networks (link is given below).

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What is Axill?

It is an Ad Network Company, which is very Unique that makes Web Inventory Smarter. It Binds Both Advertisers and Publishers With Each Providing them the Best Platform to Get Targeted Audience and to make Money.

How Axill Operates?

Axill Creates a Solid Relationship between Advertisers and Publishers. As Publishers After Signing up with Axill Can View All Types of Ads Available and then click on an ad they want to show on their website. After it Advertiser will approve a Publishers request to show their Ad. Once Advertisers approved the request of showing a specific ad then they will send a Confirmation Email to Publisher that they can show that Ad on their website.

Axill For Advertisers?

Advertisers can Join Axill with Little deposit $100 and then they can choose Publishers Manually after viewing their Website Stats. Advertisers have other Lots of Advantages given from this company as the Advanced System for account Management. It also Provides Full Power for Advertisers to choose Ad Sizes and color combinations for their Ads.

How to Sign Up:-

Users have to fill simple information about their website and about Himself. They Will Ask for Site Information , Publisher Information and Payment Information . After filling this Information correctly User can Submit their Application. Once Approved Publishers can Sign in to Their Accounts with desired Usernames and passwords.

Axill Payment?

They have a Minimum Payment amount set at $25 and They Pay Via PayPal Or Check on Weekly Basis. So, you will not have to wait for a long period of time to get money into your pocket.

Axill Details:-

Commission Type: CPM,CPA
Minimum Payout: $ 25
Payout Frequency: Weekly Payments
Payout Method: PayPal,Check
Country: US

Note:- Read the Note section given above this article before using this ad network. A very important notice given which an save you a lot of time.

Share your Thoughts on Axill? Do you have any bad or Good experience with this company?

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