Six tips for avoiding viruses and malware on your Android

Cyber Crimes are increasing day by day and androids are the major targets. Linus is also targeted but androids are in major trouble. Android users are  harming themselves by doing silly mistakes. Your phone security starts with you. According to report, about 97 % of the malwares are in the android devices.It’s a big question from everyone that how to stay safe from  system harming viruses and malwares and the answer is easily. Malwares and viruses make damage  to your android devices.
In order to avoid viruses and malwares on your android devices, you have to obey quit simple rules. These rules are mentioned below:

Six tips for avoiding viruses and malware on your Android

1. Don’t download anything from unknown sources:

Think twice before downloading anything from unknown sources. They may cause threat to your device. If you don’t know about particular app which you are going to download from third party stores, then don’t download it.

It is very common type of silly mistake that everyone do.There are bout more then 500 third party app stores that contain malicious apps in them. So I advice you not to install these unknown apps because you don’t know where it comes from.

They simply claim that they are safe but are just fooling you. You are not blind folded you have your own mind so use your common sense before opening gates to viruses and malwares to your android. Just stick to Google play for downloading apps as it is very safe.

2. Only download from trusted and reputed app stores:

As we know virus and malware authors majorly target android devices, it rely on us how to stay safe. Install apps only from trusted app stores like Amazon app store as they are very safe and reputed. On Google play you will find so many apps.

You don’t need to download from non trusted app stores. As for example, if you have choice fr buying vegetables, one from road side and other from air conditioned mall. you will definitely go for buying them at the mall. So same thing obey here that download app only from reputed app stores.

3. Read the permission before installing anything in your device;

When you install particular app in your device, app will asks you for your permission. The particular app will get to know you their access in your phone and ask you for your permission.

They may have access to your internet, camera,  reading your contacts, photos and track you locations etc. It  may seems scary to us.If particular app have to send emails and messages to you, they will ask for your permission for accessing your contact in your device.

4. Don’t visit and download anything from suspicious websites;

According to report given by security company blue coat, porn sites have major role in spreading   malwares and viruses to android devices.

More then 30% of the threat is coming from pornographic sites. If  you stay away from such suspicious websites, you can avoid lots of malwares and viruses  that can harm you data in your phone.

5. Use security app in your phone:

Google scan all the things that goes through the Google play store.So, it is not necessarily to use virus scanner to scan device.  According to RiskIQ’s  study, number of malicious apps are increasing form 2011to 2013.

Google is removing viruses and malwares from there. If you are worried  then install antivirus apps like Avast and 360 mobile security. The Norton Mobile security support will lists you all the harming activities that malwares can do to your android device.  Lock out mobile security app is real scanner for scanning your android device.

6.Upgrade the latest version of Android;

If you have older version, upgrade it to latest version of Android for better protection. It improves you safety. Malware owner send premium messages to you phone. With the latest version 4.7, it will notify you that applications is trying to send premium messages to your phone  with additional charges and let us allow or block it

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