The first place you go when you like a website is their About page. About page is where the information behind the person or organization that has formed the website is given. But how often did you just quit the website, because you didn’t get enough from it? How many times was the front page more exciting than the About page of the website and hence you lost interest in it?

About page is the most crucial part of your website. But truth be told it’s the most ignored.

Many don’t give enough time or creativity. But the truth here also lies that according to the recent survey, the About page is the most visited page on your website.

Why is it this crucial?

Because it gives people the information they need. Many questions are answered in the content they find there. Why do I have to partner with them? What makes them different? About page is what piques a person’s interest in your website and sustains it as well. And it is in the hands of your About page that makes a person says ” That’s it! This is the real deal!”

Hence, the About page has to be in such a way that the person wants to stay, wants to keep coming back to your website, and knows that you are qualified for their requirement. but as we already said most of the About page is boring and weak.

Yes, it’s weak and boring that people lose interest more quickly.

It is important to have an About page that is crisp with creativity, mingled with the mixture of correct Information and a tinge of attractiveness to top it off. That’s why we have a complete guide for this.

How to Create the Perfect About Page

Top 10 Secrets For Writing An Attractive About Page

What is in for them?

About page can get long or short but getting people to read the entirety depends on the first few lines.

Hence you have to start with offering that the person is seeking you for. These opening lines will make the readers decide whether to read on or quit! These lines should pique their interest and the urge to know more. What more can sustain a person than what they come seeking is offered to them.

So your starting line should be more client-oriented. “There you will be able to know or achieve so and so”

The origin story

Top 10 Secrets For Writing An Attractive About Page

The stage where “The why” of what you are doing is told. As the starting lines have piqued a person’s interest, they would want to know why you do it. It’s great to start your origin story. But keep it crisp and brief.

People don’t care what you do but they care why you do it. Even here you have to keep your speech client-oriented as it’s not about you but it’s about them. This is a great place to set the connections.

A story is successful when a reader what to know about you, the person behind the story after reading the origin story. That’s what we want. We are here on this page to make them stay.

Position yours expertise

I know, it’s not easy. You may have doubts about so many things and needing to sound confident is hard stuff for newbies.

But you have to sound confident and proclaim your name in such a way that people trust your expertise. This is a space where you write a professional bio.

Many people wonder here, “should I write it in the third person of the first-person view”.

Remember this is the place where you tell people who you are. What you can offer them. Hence you have to get down and get it done in the first-person view.


First, start with your education which will be eventually added to your professional bio. But these aren’t enough.

They will know your education level, they will not know your real level of expertise. Hence what best way to prove it than to show your achievements.

Achievements you have gotten along the way in your chosen career path are a lovely thing to add to the collection. It’s all about marketing yourself in a way you are etched into people. So show them you are the real deal.

Immerse Personality

Its fascinating how words work. Everyone speaks but not everyone is heard. We want you to be heard through your words.

If your bio is boring, you make be deemed as a boring person. Hence add some flare in it. You have a voice, and you have to let people hear it.

So make it sound natural and out loud in their head. You have to keep in mind that people connect with other people when they have something common. Hence your passion and enthusiasm can attract people towards you.

Flash those medals!

This is your place to show people that you are here and you are being acknowledged. The things you say to her will reflect the quality of your website as in where it stands in the internet world.

For example,

  • Anywhere you have been featured.
  • Your achievements
  • The things that you are proud your website has achieved

Anything that will throw in credibility for you is all great. You are here to show people why they should stay and why they should choose you.

Show credibility

This bio section is very personal. It’s yours. But the most important point here is to let people know what you are standing for.

You have to put some flare in it. It won’t sound good if it’s boring, doesn’t it? Here are some ways you can throw in some personality in that bio of yours.

  • ‌Share a personal experience. Why you are here and why this is your choice of action.
  • ‌soundbites from your personal journey. This is important. You don’t need to be very overwhelming, you just need to let them know some snippet around your journey till here.

Add your picture

Top 10 Secrets For Writing An Attractive About Page

This is an absolute necessity. You have to add a high-quality headshot of yourself to your website. This makes a lot of difference.

As and when they read this amazing About page of yours and as they read through your words, they want to know what you look like. It’s very natural.

So please don’t ignore that. It’s very important. Why is it so? Because we don’t like a mystery. Mystery is good in its own way but what you want is trust, hence you gotta take the shot.

Getting people to take action

Top 10 Secrets For Writing An Attractive About Page

Have you walked into a website just to see a screen pop up with a “sign up!” list? Yes, it’s that simple, you need to allow them to keep you connected to them.

Even if they don’t require your service now, but we have to sustain the interest and the trust to offer something they want even in the future. Hence starting with a “sign up newsletter or offer” is a great deal!

Keep it simple!

Yes, writing an About page can bring an overwhelming feeling. You have so much to say and sometimes so little to say, hence it’s important to channel it out. You don’t want to come out as a show-off or you don’t want to become a mystery.

There is a need for the right balance in branding your image and boring or even scaring people way. Hence keep it simple. Make it in terms that are easy to understand, and something that can feel connecting. There needs to be a pull from you that they can push themselves into.

So, these are 10 amazing secrets that will transform your About page into attractive, keeping them connected, and want to keep them coming back! Go ahead, it’s yours!

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