Top 4 Apps to take full backup of the iOS Device

Smartphones getting very Popular day by day. They are leading the World. Either Android or iOS. I can bet, the majority of individuals reading his article, also will be using any one of these two different Operating System Smartphones. But many of you don’t think about he important things needed to remember after you start using these extra ordinary phones. Those things are Security and Backup. In my last post i have shared a way to use VPN services to Secure yourself online. So, today I decide to share best Apps to Take Full backup of the iOS device (I selected iOS because I am a big Fan of Apple, but i will be sharing backup Apps for Android in another post here at Only Loudest). So, lets start with our top list of Backup services for iOS.

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Best Apps to Take Full Backup of the iOS device

#1 iCloud


When we talk about iOS Device Backup services, iCloud is the App which comes to our mind in the first shoot. It is official service of Apple and most widely used Application. You can Backup all contacts, messages, photos, etc. on Cloud storage provided by this app and then, later get back backup on any other device. It removes the risk of data loss. you will be provided 5 GB data space, but you can get more space later if you want.

#2 iDrive


iDrive is an another Backup service with simple interface, making it one of the best App for Users. They Provide 150GB storage for data backup which is a very big amount of space. You can also schedule your backup. So, you need to do it manually. You can also set your Bandwidth to avoid device to slow down while backup process.

#3 Easy Backup


It is another good service, but only for Contact backups. It is one of the simplest apps with drop box integrity. Anyone can save their contacts and then, restore whenever needed. It also has the duplicate contact locator which is very helpful for those who having a huge number. It is best if you wanna take care of your contacts.

#4 Mozy


This App also allows you the storage space to backup your data online. You can use this application on both iOS and Android. You can either use your PC to backup data or send a data file in an Email as an attachment from your smartphone. After data stored, you can access it wherever you want. So, totally worth your download.

Final Verdict

So, these Apps will help you backup all your data to avoid any loss. Because there are many chances that you can lose your valuable list of contacts due to any Mobile problem or you can also lose Message which can contain important work or conversation. So, to avoid this kind of problem. You must use these applications. These are totally free and safe. I will advice to use iCloud which is an official App from Apple and also the most trusted for users.
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