Everything You Need To Know About Android And Wifi

Android And Wifi

No matter what you are suing a smartphone or not, it is likely that you are aware of the Wi-Fi. It is certain that you don’t know completely about I, but still you might know what is it for? Wi-Fi is a wireless internet connection and tsar option is available on all the multimedia phones. WI-Fi- local access wireless network and it is based on IEEE 802.11 standards. A typical setup will have an access point and a modem. The modem is connected to the web.

Multiple Wi-Fi Connection On My Phone

No matter you know about things or not, humans still have enormous curiosity about the things. When we switch on Wi-Fi connections there are several other connections available which we are not aware of, why this happens? This is a list of other Wi-Fi connections in your range. If they are open you can easily get connected to the internet. It is advised by the experts that don’t use unsecured Wi-Fi connections because this makes your devices prone to scams and thefts.


Android And Wifi

Secured And Unsecured Connections

Insecure means lack of security and anyone can connect to the wifi connection without the need of a password. These are the unsecured connections which you should not touch. When you switch off your wifi connection anywhere you will see a list of other networks which are in range. If you want to use the connection you will need a password first to connect to the internet. When this happens you are on the secured wifi connection. On the other hand, when you are walking on the streets you will find that some wifi connections ask for passwords and some don’t. Your wifi gets automatically connected to the networks that you might have not used before. These are unsecured connections. It is important to know about the unsecured connections because your personal information is at stake when you are using unsecured wifi connections.

What is WPS?

WPS is a wifi protected setup and the objective of WPS is to allow users to know about the security of their wireless connections. When set up is done, it is very easy to secure your networks with your hands. The only problem is that different companies have a different WPS initiating process. There are 4 ways by which you can utilize WPS.

  • Push button method
  • NFC
  • USB
  • PIN

Out of these four USB and NFC is an optional way to connect. WPS PIN makes your connection vulnerable and it is very difficult to overcome the attacks. If you have utilized this method, then it will be wise to disable your PIUN right now.

WPS makes your connections vulnerable and there is no doubt but there are no guarantees if you will not use a WPS either.

Is little technical to understand, but a great gift of technology. Wi-Fi connections are fast, help you in saving time, download faster and much more. Wi-Fi is a trademark and a wireless connection that supports IEEE.

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