Tips and Tricks for Speeding Up your Android Tablet and phone Performance

Have you ever noticed that your android tablet is not performing up to the mark. Its speed is slowed from over the past few months due to memory shortage and stored files in your tables and phones. Opening and switching off between different apps is troublesome.Everything is not  running smoothly. It creates trouble when you load tons of apps in your Android device. We want best of both worlds. I have good news for you who faced the same problems that I faced it before that you can speed up and improve the performance of your android devices.
Here are some tips and tricks for speeding up your android tablets and phones performance:

Tips and Tricks for Speeding Up your Android Tablet and phone Performance

1} Delete  apps you don’t need

When you install applications in your phone and tablets, it  takes some storage space on your phone and tablet and these apps runs behind background space. If you have applications in your phone that you don’t use it or hardly use it, then  uninstall them.

They will slow down your tablets and phone performance. Uninstalling these apps from your device that you don’t use fasten’s your device performance by freeing your internal space.

2} Disable unnecessary apps

There are some apps on your device which you hardly use. The disable is different from deleting and uninstalling.  When you disable app, you can enable disabled apps and use them when you need them. They won’t show on the home screen of the Android device. They no longer visible on app screen. By doing this, you can enhance the performance of your android device.

3} Update apps

Update apps that you installed from Google play. Updates available on Google play from time to time. The new versions of the apps have new features and bugs fixed in them. So they perform faster and better.

4} Close applications

When you open too much application in the background, tablets and phones run slower. Close application after using it. This free up your device memory for opening other apps.

5} Don’t use live wallpapers

Stick with regular wallpaper. Live wallpaper are beautiful. Everyone loves those live wallpapers but they are always running in the background. Using this live wallpapers drain your battery fast and  slow your perform of the device.

These live wallpaper run like you opened an application on your Android device. So, it is better to use regular wallpapers instead of live wallpapers for speeding the performance of your Android device.

6} Update your software

You should update your android to the latest one. Google brings new updates of phone software that have fixed bugs and have new  user friendly features like high speed performance and ensure stability. Manufacturers continuously provide latest updates of your device. In order to check the latest updates, go to setting and click on about phone option and choose system updates.

Setting  >  Phone option  >  System updates.

7} Use task killers/manager and application cleanser/ manager

Install these task killer or manager from Google play such as super task killer free, update manager,  etc. which automatically kill background processes and applications you don’t use. Caches develop over the time in your application which slowed down the performance of the Android device.

Clear these caches from app menu or  by using application cleansers which are available on Google play. These application cleanser is what you all need in your device. They delete caches, browse history and unnecessary files. It regularly cleans your device, thus, speed up the performance.

8}Turn off animations

Animations are eye candies for us. These are screen fades out and in. The great looking animations reduce performance of the your Android device. You will clearly notice the difference of your device when you deactivate them.

In order to disable animations, go to setting and click on developer option  and scroll down to drawing option and then turn off the window animation scale and transition animation scale.

setting   > developer option  >  drawing option >  turn off window animation scale.

9} Use high capacity memory card

If you have a low internal memory in your device, then you store your pictures and apps in the memory card. The Memory card is storage space for your device. If you have a high capacity memory card, then you can store more things in it. So it helps to speed up the performance of the device. Always go for class 6 and class 10 memory cards for Android devices.

10} Remove unnecessary widgets

Widgets are always running in the background. They are very useful to keep track of weather details , important contacts and for accessing everything quickly in your device. Those widgets also take out your memory, so they slow down speed of your phone.
All you can do is to just keep necessary widgets that you can’t live without and remove the necessary ones.

I hope all the tricks and tips that I have given to you helps you to speed the performance of Android devices.

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