Android Phones Vulnerable to Hacking

In this modern era, the use of smart phones has increased to a very high number. There are people who prefer to use the smart phones having the Android technology, while there are also a very huge number of people who prefer to use Apple iPhones. But the question that arises is that which one of the two above mentioned phones are more likely to be hacked or attacked by viruses. And according to a research conducted in the near past, it was found that the Android phones are more likely to such virus attacks and hacks. There are certain smart phones companies like Motorola or the Nexus, that are making phones that are more protected from such attacks. But most of the Android phones are not much protected and they are still very much likely to get hacked or attacked by viruses as compared to the Apple iPhone. There are many new and advanced forms of such viruses which are now being sent through the multimedia messages and picture links.Android More Popular Than iOS In U.S A study was conducted in the University of Cambridge in order to find out whether Android is more vulnerable to hacking than IPhones or not. And the result was that a very high percentage of Android phones are at high risk of malware. It was found that 87 percent of Android devices are vulnerable to malware. The study that was also partly funded by Google looked into almost 20000 android devices of users who have Device Analyzer App installed in their phones. This app can be purchased from the Google Play Store. And the researchers who were working at Check Point Software found a flaw in the Android devices, that can let hackers to take control of the device and that device can then work as a spying device. And in order to protect your device from malware you should use Google Play store for downloading application on your android devices. Devices actually require regular updates from the manufacturers in order to protect them but most devices are not able to get these regular updates, causing security issues.Top 10 Best Free Android Games

A new malware appeared in China recently that targeted the android devices, reported the International Business Times. The malware, named “Geinimi” in view of its first-known incarnation, is a Trojan that can trade off a lot of individual information on a client’s cell phone and send it to remote servers. The most complex Android malware seen to date, Geinaimi is likewise the first Android malware in the wild that shows botnet-like abilities. Once the malware is introduced on a client’s cell phone, it can possibly get summons from a remote server that permits the proprietor of that server to control the telephone. Android

It is said that android phones are more vulnerable to viruses and hacks as compared to IPhones because of the Open Source Policy of Google in app developments. Steve Chang, the chairman of Trend Micro Inc. said that Apple’s operating system follows a stricter policy in the development of applications as compared to android. And it almost made impossible for certain viruses to enter into an Apple iPhone but unfortunately this is not the case with android devices.

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