Are you finding Lock Screen Apps for Android phone? If yes then you are on right place because here today I am sharing with you some best apps of lock screen for android device. Actually we should use lock screen feature for your device because sometimes when we carry our device in pocket that moment may be some buttons be clicked by touching to touchpad or sometimes when we lost our phone somewhere then nobody can use your phone without unlocking your screen lock .

Actually this lock screen feature is now given by default in all android phones but there is very short and limited features in these lock. But Now on Google Play there are many third party apps are available to lock screen and they are providing more features comparison to default lock.

#1 Go Locker


It’s top rated app on Google Play store and it’s one of the most famous app for lock screen. You can change theme of this lock which will display on home screen and also gives permission for self-customization for user.  I love look of this screen lock because it looks like iphone lock and something different from your look .


#2 Ac Display


If you are looking for simple minimal look for your screen lock then I am strongly recommending you to go with Ac Display App which is amazing in looks as well as features. it shows notification icon on home screen in very small size and looks very pretty.


 #3 Echo Notification Lock Screen



Another awesome app which shows notification of lock screen and also provides permission to customize your view of notification in your style . Sometimes user wants notification of display when it locked as same like iphone so it is another lock screen app which works on your demand and you can also use it with custom launchers .


#4 Dodol Locker


This is famous as beautiful lock screen app because here is already too many beautiful themes provided and you can change it as per your recommendations. I hope you will love this app for lock your screen and also decorate your home screen look.


#5 Cover Lock Screen


Another best app for screen lock because it reads app use of user means if you are using some apps specially on all time use then it comes on home screen with your lock . You will see automatically changes in home screen apps in your outing of home and in office , etc . It’s easy access feature is one of the best from others .


So these are few selected best lock screen apps for your android device . I hope you will like this collection because these are all high rated apps which are also available on Google play store and popularly selected by public (Android User) . Changes in life is genuine and it’s human nature because we all need best and beautiful things in our life so these lock screen apps are very popular and will be helpful for you .

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  1. I love your selection! These are indeed truly awesome apps showing notification of lock screen and would gladly use any of them as their performance is great!

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